The Milk Run

Dear, we need milk for the morning,” my darling wife mentioned to me.

Okay,” I said, while thinking to myself I just got milk a couple of days ago. “Dear, are you sure we are out?  I just bought 3 gallons like two days ago?” Silence.

We need milk for tomorrow morning for the girls,” my wife said as she was flexing her muscles. I thought to myself, “Okay, Okay.”

The Milk Run
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After I got done doing whatever I was doing at the time, I threw on some presentable clothes (shorts and a tee shirt) and grabbed the keys to the Maserati (cleverly disguised as a Chevy Tahoe). As I was blasting down the road to the local market, I was thinking to myself, “Why? Why is it we go through so much milk at the house?” But then I remembered all of the people in our family that drink milk.

We have three teenagers, three growing little girls, and me. I know that all of us like to have a healthy breakfast in the morning before we head off for the day. In fact, you can fuel active, successful days by starting every day with milk. A breakfast with milk can help you TACKLE YOUR DAY with protein to start your day!

I finally made it to the store and began the was hike to the far back corner of the market, when I see two other guys I know making a similar milk run. I asked one of them,

“Hey, Mike, you making a late night milk run?”

Yep. Never fails that we run out in the middle of the week… even if I buy extra,” Mike said in passing.

I hear you!” I shouted back not missing a step towards the milk case. About half way there I remembered the Super Bowl ad that featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He was making a run for the milk truck when everything broke loose. Now, I am certainly not “The Rock” by any means. But I was thinking that what IF a mutated bag of chips came to life and began to tear apart the store… I would probably duck and hide in the baby food area because I am a scaredy cat.

Anyway, there was no mutated bag of chips or other type of grocery item to worry about. I eventually made it to the milk and grabbed 2 gallons. My thinking was that it would tie us over until the end of the week… hopefully. And as I was walking back to the front of the store, I realized how glad I was to be there. At least I can be assured that my kids are getting a healthy dose of essential nutrients. After all, each 8 oz. glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients, including eight grams of high-quality protein. Protein in the morning can help keep you full, so you don’t feel hungry by mid-morning. This is just what the kids need before they head out each morning.

After slipping through the self-checkout lane, I hurried back to the truck and slammed it in the gear. Well, reverse and then drive… only after making a complete stop. I felt like the mission was accomplished and it was time to take it home now. As I zoomed into my self-proclaimed “Bat Cave” and closed the door, I realized I was a bit hungry after all the running around I did… escaping imaginary mutated bags of chips and all. So, I ended up finishing off my run to the store with a big bowl of cereal… filled to the rim with milk.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in the got milk? FUTP60/Breakfast Blitz Promotion.All opinions are 100% my own.