There is nothing more pleasant than the warming heat the fireplace generates on a cold winter night. Sipping wine and reminiscing your old memories is your favorite part of the day.

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Fireplace Risks

But, now that your toddler has begun taking his first little steps, the hearth heat is taking your sleep away.

You know that your child won’t stay in one place. Now that you’re worried about the well-being of your child, you’re planning to baby-proof the house.

One of the most extraordinary attractions for the babies is the fireplace. The flickering flame sends an invitation to explore the place.

The task of baby proof your fireplace hearth may seem pretty convenient. But, believe me when I say that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

What is a Fireplace Hearth

You might miss out on some hidden details and dangers. So, what should you exactly do to baby proof your hearth in a way that it doesn’t ruin your living room’s aesthetics?

Know that the fireplace doors cut hazards with or without the presence of an active fire.

The crevices or sharp edge doors are easy for pinching the skin. Do you fear your baby pushing the hearth gates?

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Baby Proof Your Fireplace

Well, here’s a checklist that’ll make you fix your problem right away!

One of your child’s best friends is the foam tubing guards. These work well in keeping your child safe from sharp edges. You will also need tape for sticking the foam around the hearth edges. The foam protector that goes on the corners is also a great option. Covering the same with something soft minimizes the fireplace risks.

  • Test them before purchasing

The primary function of the gates is to keep the fireplace closed. Thus, as a parent, you need to keep your kid away. The basic idea revolves around covering the fireplace safety gates for babies that don’t expose the surfaces. Putting in extra efforts will help in finding doors that are child-friendly and extra safe. Consider replacing the hearth door if you feel it is unsafe. This is the best thing to do when you cannot pad it to secure the gates’ sharp edges.

  • Gates and Screens

The three-sided hearth gates are the safest, especially from the standpoint of a baby proofing. With the availability of many designs, it is always a good opportunity for knowing some DIY ideas. The easiest way to prove the hearth is by linking together the panels of the baby gates. If the design is simple and has fewer protrusions, repurposing the existing fireplace screen is an apt option. You will ensure that your kids don’t put their hands on the glass and burn their fingers.

Fireplace Risks – Final Walkthroughs

A childproof hearth is an ideal option that stops your child from getting too close to any fireplace risks. But doing so exposes your child to rough edges, raised surfaces, and corners. Thus, the baby gates and screens become excellent sources for childproofing the hearth.

Accidents can happen at any time, and parents must prepare well to act at the spur of the moment.