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Health and Wellness

Meet Paul. Paul is a fellow dad that cares about his kids… just like any other dad would. He is also passionate about many things in life; but most of all, the health and wellness of his daughter Ella and son Paddy. Over time, Paul wanted to set up Ella’s Kitchen because he was a passionate that his daughter, along with the rest of her generation, have the opportunity to eat better food. And along the way he also wanted them to discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool.

From my experience with Ella and her brother Paddy, we think it’s important to always approach things from a child’s point of view. So, we took simple, natural ingredients that ooze goodness and created baby foods, and packaging, that really connects with little ones – with flavors, colors, textures and even names that will appeal to all of their senses.

Ella's Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen specializes in tasty, natural and healthy organic food for babies and kids. They are packaged in handy packs to easily eat at home or on the go. Ella’s Kitchen is committed to understanding the role of all 5 of the senses in order to develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. They also offer different stages of tastes that cater to your child’s needs, and have been recognized with several awards for both their flavors and combinations.

Ella's Kitchen

Packed with Nutrients

I was fortunate enough to meet the people behind Ella’s Kitchen at Dad 2.0 Summit earlier this year. I visited with them about their product and learned more about the story and the product. They sent some of their best-selling items for my kids to try. Personally, I have to say that all the fruit pouches are very tasty. I could not give them to my kids without tasting them for myself. Plus, the variety of pouches are each packed with nutrients. They come in various sizes and flavors.

Monkey really likes the strawberry and apples flavor, but did not seem too keen on the cheesy potatoes with veggies. Most of my kids are picky eaters and their tastes vary from one to the next. S, whereas Monkey loved the strawberry and apples, Princess did not want anything to do with them. Perhaps your kids are less picky? Or just the same? One thing they did agree on, the Ella’s Kitchen pouches of fruit and vegetables had a great texture and overall they were all pleased with the flavors.

It can take 10-15 attempts before a little one will try a new food, so Ella’s Kitchen has been exploring how they can make it easier for parents by getting little ones to want to try new foods.

Therefore, we will continue trying different fruit and vegetable combinations in order to get the proper healthy nutrients for my children.

What flavors do you think your kids would like?

Disclosure: I was given samples of Ella’s Kitchen products for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.