You could spend untold hours hammering away at your keyboard to create the perfect travel website theme.

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You could have written 50 travel blogs that you just know people are going to love as soon as you upload them.

But if you don’t know how to get noticed, you may as well be reading your work out loud atop a lonely mountain in a strong breeze in the dark. Here’s how to get noticed.

Content Automation

Content automation simply means that certain blogging tasks are automated.

Automation can be an essential part of your blog. Being noticed by the eyes behind the scrolling screen taps that dole out life-giving clicks to your travel blog. How so?

Aside from automating your content across platforms so that each post is tailored to each specific channel. Automation offers something else really quite useful: language settings.

If you are traveling in France and writing about the local area, for example, the local people might want to read about it. The content is published in French, they can like and share your content.

If the content is not available in their language. You could be missing out on the support of a ready-made audience who can help boost your online presence.

Tone and Style

You have to understand your target audience and write only for that audience. When you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being drawn to the kind of travel that typically doesn’t attract many people in your age bracket or anyone who comes from the same kind of lifestyle or background.

Adapting to your audience is a part of writing. For example, it could be the difference between writing for an affluent and chilled audience or writing with a more upbeat party vibe.

The difference can be stark and can alienate your audience if you get it wrong.

Just look at the difference between “Villas are clean and reasonably priced with local amenities located within 5 minutes walking distance”.

Or, “The hotel cleaners outdo themselves to keep the place looking shiny and new, and hundreds of bars are just down the road”. See. Tone matters.

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Get Involved With Travel Blogging Communities

You don’t have to become the new vice-chair of a travel blogging community to be seen, heard, and recognized.

But you do need to join several communities, learn the lay of the land, and post regularly.

By ‘posting regularly’, we’re not suggesting that you give up all your best travel content on the message boards of someone else’s site. Rather that you comment on other work or start threads.

Ask travel blog related questions wherever you can. It’s easy to start to make connections when you’re talking to people about the things they actively want to talk about.