A variety of factors can cause or lead to teenage depression and its severity varies from one person to the other.

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Treatment for teen depression is not an easy journey often teens struggle during and after teen depression treatment and therefore, require all the support they can get. 

Teen Depression Treatment

This is why it’s important to enroll in a family therapy program. The main focus of these types of programs is to make sure the teen doesn’t feel isolated. Through the therapy and can have their family there to support the recovering teen, so that the don’t have to do it alone.

Another benefit of this group therapy is that it allows the parents into the session. So that they can monitor the progress of their child. You can have piece of mind knowing that they’re getting the best care.

The program focuses on the needs of every family member. By understanding the issues of each member of the family, the therapist is able to find solutions that will strengthen the family as a unit.

The aim is to reconcile the recovering teen with the other family members and get the whole family to move harmoniously in a positive direction.

A family therapy program seeks to ensure that each member participates in the treatment process. However, not every family may be interested in taking part. Therefore, therapists avoid forcing family members to participate, instead, they encourage participation. This is because for family therapy to be successful, there must be corporation, respect, flexibility, and mutual understanding.   

Teenage depression

Why Family Therapy?

When boys and girls are faced with teenage depression, this can have an adverse effect on their mental and physical wellbeing. Family therapists understand this and therefore, recommend therapies that also treat the body and mind

Although therapists provide individualized treatment, without family intervention, recovery can be difficult. The goal is to ensure that the recovering teen gets all the support they need during and after the treatment program. Without the right support, they can easily fall back into depression particularly if they go back to their old environment. 

Furthermore, the changes that come from theary are not just for the teen to endure. The effects of this treatment can affect all family fembers. So having them involved can make this change easier for all to deal with. This is why family therapy is essential because it helps both the recovering teen and the other family members to cope better. To learn more about teen depression treatment, visit ignite teen treatment.

Goals of a Family Therapy Program

Here are some of the goals from family therapy.

  • To pinpoint the needs, desires and emotions of all family members, and not just the depressed teen
  • Improving communication between the family members
  • Encouraging change
  • Determining accountability
  • Resolving conflicts among family members
  • Teaching family members how to identify behaviors or signs that may lead to depression
  • Improving and strengthening the whole family unit

Family therapists work closely with the recovering teen’s family to define and create personal goals to increase the chances of success.