Depression is a serious and potentially devastating condition. For those who are suffering with it, they might feel like there is no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. It is a pit that is impossible to climb out of, and it is this crushing feeling that can lead to dangerous and tragic actions.

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Many circumstances can trigger depression in anyone – a death of a loved one, financial concerns or other health problems to name but a few. Sometimes, it can be hard to identify a cause and depression can develop out of nowhere. Whatever the situation may be, it is an incredibly challenging time, and it is vital that the person who is suffering is supported. If you are living with a loved one who is battling depression, here are some helpful ways in which to help.


It can be difficult to start a conversation about this; a lot of people are unsure what to say and worried that it will be the wrong thing. If you haven’t been through depression yourself, it can be hard to understand why people can’t just shake it off and think more positively. Nonetheless, despite how you might feel about this discussion, it is incredibly important that you do talk about what is going on. Let the person who is going through it know that they can share how they’re feeling with you, and that they don’t have to keep it bottled up.

Give Them Space

As important as it is to talk, there will come a time when they will need their space. Everyone needs that from time to time, whether you’re suffering from mental health problems or not. The last thing they need is to feel as though they are being monitored or treated as though they are incapable of looking after themselves – give them a chance to breathe and process things in their own way.

Medicinal Remedies

There are plenty of talking therapies that should be encouraged for someone suffering with depression, but there are also antidepressant medicines available, too. CBD products are becoming increasingly popular as medicinal remedies, and can be used for depression as well. There are many retailers that have hemp distillate for sale that could be beneficial. However, it is always recommended that for any treatment you seek the advice of a doctor, first.

Make the Effort

You need to do more than just talk it out with them. Sometimes, they are going to need a distraction from how they’re feeling to get some respite. Gently encourage them to get out of the house and engage in activities they enjoy, and get involved yourself. Make little gestures to show them that you love them and care.


Everyone has moments when they don’t behave in the best way, and the same goes for those who are dealing with depression. You might find their behaviour frustrating at times. Remember that they aren’t quite themselves during this period, and they’re likely beating themselves up about it harder than you ever could.

It is hard to see someone you love cope with such a difficult condition, but with your help they can get through it.