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I love animation, I really wish we had the writing and technology available today when I was growing up. OK OK, that’s it for Dad’s ‘back in my day…’ moment. I really enjoy buddy movies, I always have, from the “Road to…” pictures with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby to today’s hit animation series, “Home Adventures with Tip and Oh”. I’m very excited for my kids to continue this series for several reasons, but the main one is the show is about two friends from very different backgrounds clowning around and having adventures together.

Home Adventures, Top 5 Things I Love About Home Adventures with Tip and Oh, Days of a Domestic Dad

If you’ve never heard of Tip and Oh let me give you a quick rundown. Tip is a very precocious and funny earthling girl and Oh is part of the Boov, an alien race that has invaded earth. However, the Boov aren’t some scary group of all powerful aliens. As a whole, they’re pretty clumsy and not too bright. They spend their time between being on earth or on their spaceship. The Boov and earthlings are friendly and trying to adjust to each other’s idiosyncrasies.

The Top 5 Things I Love About Home Adventures with Tip and Oh

  1. The animation is great! Lots of Color, funny characters, angles of shots are unique. The whole show is a unique change from traditional animation.
  2. The characters are real and funny. They have fun with themselves, life, and their two different cultures. Note that I said they have fun with, they don’t make fun of anything or anybody. The humor is typical animation, farcical and impossibly physical.
  3. The music is great, fun pop songs that were clearly written by musicians and sung by a talented artist.
  4. I love CGI, but I really appreciate the show is made in traditional 2D animation. I’m oldish, I know, but traditional 2D animation just has more pizzazz for me.
  5. I love that the buddy concept hasn’t left animation. Two friends sharing adventures is the best way to tell stories and have adventures.

Home Adventures, Top 5 Things I Love About Home Adventures with Tip and Oh, Days of a Domestic Dad

The Real Reason I Love This Show.

I love this show because my kids love it. Period. They love the music, they laugh at the jokes, and they can’t wait to see the next episode. There is no other reason needed than that for me to love the show.

Home Adventures With Tip and Oh is produced by Dreamworks Animation and available exclusively on Netflix. Be careful that you don’t binge watch the whole season in one day, spread it out for you and your kid’s sakes.