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  1. Love this article, in part just because of the gorgeous photos (and lovely quotes) and also because of the great tips!

  2. Linda Carver says:

    Take a Raincoat. You never know when you will need it.

  3. Jeanne Hammer says:

    I love travelling! I get a bit intimidated by other languages but I love to try!

  4. Make sure you check the weather , have enough spending money, and check on your transportation to get around once you get their.

  5. Patricia C says:

    Put an unblown ballon around your luggage handle to make it easier to spot

  6. Cheryl Burns says:

    Great travel tips, I could have used these on some earlier trips

  7. We travel a lot internationally. I can always tell an American by the way they dress. I call it “the uniform” -jeans, tennis shoes, windbreaker or cap,” Dress like the locals and take off the clothes you’d wear to work in the yard and dress it up a bit while on a plane.

  8. Pack light – your bags aren’t gonna carry themselves

  9. roll up your t-shirts to save space in your bag.

  10. Prepare and research BEFORE going somewhere.

  11. Roll your clothes so more fits in there.

  12. Patricia C says:

    My top travel tip would be to make sure you have an adapter plug to be able to charge your phone in different countries

  13. Cheryl Burns says:

    I am so ready for a trip!!

  14. Carla W. says:

    Don’t overpack so you have room to buy some good souvenirs. Take things that can be mixed matched so you are not taking too many clothing items. buy travel size hair products.

  15. Amy Tolley says:

    make a list and check everything twice get organized the day before

  16. sherri chastain says:

    i always bring a trash bag to put my dirty clothes in

  17. Paula Adams says:

    I enjoy travelling and have dreams of international travel one day in the future. But small things that can go wrong give me anxiety when travelling, so it really pays off to be prepared like this article advises!

  18. Gloria Tiner says:


  19. My sister and I travel together and we have found the best places to go as well as local restaurants by talking to local people.

  20. sherri chastain says:

    bring snacks , ice chest with drinks it will save money

  21. Amber Deuel says:

    Traveling with kids, make sure you are prepared if they get sick along the way!

  22. I love to go to Gatlinburg Tennessee !!!

  23. sherri chastain says:

    i research online for the best hotels, restaurants,musuems, beaches, and more, look at the reviews .plan ahead

  24. Cheryl Burns says:

    Call me a cab and let hit the airport I am ready for a summer getaway

  25. We stay in bed and breakfasts to meet the locals and find out the hidden gems that tour books don’t mention!

  26. Melanie K. says:

    Being prepared is definitely a top tip. I love to travel!

  27. Carla W. says:

    Get sample shampoos & conditioners & take those instead of travel size ones. Saves space.

  28. I would do so by packing only essentials, taking pictures with my mobile, and consulting with friends that live in the area about best eating and viewing destinations in the area if possible.

  29. Dotty J Boucher says:

    I do research about the place that I am visiting so I know what to pack in my suit case.

  30. janet aycock says:

    awesome tips

  31. I always research wherever we are going and find the places that are not normal tourist attractions. We’ve seen arboretums and fish hatcheries this way.

  32. Shauna Comire says:

    It’s always good to have a general itinerary, but always leave yourself wiggle room to change up your plans!

  33. Eddie Dick says:

    make a list of what to bring.

  34. James Garvey says:

    traveling light is the key to traveling far

  35. Dotty J Boucher says:

    These are all great tips, I definitely enjoy meeting people where ever I go

  36. James Garvey says:

    hostels can be a good savings depending on location

  37. Paula Adams says:

    I always try to leave some room in our suitcases to provide room for local purchases while travelling. Or take along an empty duffel for carry-on during the trip home.

  38. Carla W. says:

    Never keep all your money in the same area.

  39. Paula Adams says:

    If we ever make it to retirement age, we hope to do some extensive travelling around the U.S., and maybe even a trip or to overseas. Right now there can be anxiety over travelling with little ones, so I always appreciate Travel Tips!

  40. Paula Adams says:

    One day I want to be a seasoned traveler because we have so many places on our “bucket list”. So I want to learn how to be a cool, calm, and collected traveler rather than being stressed by airplane travel, lost luggage, etc.

  41. Carla W. says:

    Pack lightly.

  42. sherri chastain says:

    check travel groups/cities you will be traveling to, on social media for the best places to visit and stay at it can save you alot of money

  43. Paula Adams says:

    Always a good idea to plan for the unexpected, with back-up plans for lost luggage, missed flights, or even a simple flat tire! Good planning can save a vacation!

  44. Carla W. says:

    Travel with ONLY what you need.

  45. Paula Adams says:

    If travelling to a place where I will want to purchase a few souvenirs, I like to take along a collapsible duffel bag to carry back my new goodies!

  46. Carla W. says:

    Don’t overpack. Save room for purchases.

  47. Carla W. says:

    Travel lightly. only take what you need & can be mixed & matched.

  48. Paula Adams says:

    Relax and Go With the Flow is my best advice. Puts you in a frame of mind to relax and enjoy!

  49. Paula Adams says:

    I always seem to pack more clothes than I really need, so my best advice is to travel light, taking only the things you know you’ll need!

  50. Carla W. says:

    Only take what you REALLY need. No over packing!

  51. Levi Kangas says:

    Put bottles of shampoo and such in ziploc bags as backup protection against spillage.

  52. Paula Adams says:

    We always have snacks, water, batteries, emergency kit, etc. in the car with us, no matter where we gol

  53. Paula Adams says:

    Take along one set of clothes for everyone that can be easily hand-washed and drip-dried overnight, thus providing extra clothes when needed.

  54. Carla W. says:

    Roll your clothes so more fits in there. And that way you have room for purchases.

  55. Mindi Eden says:

    Pack light & explore your destination online before going!

  56. Paula Adams says:

    Invest time researching your destination and get educated on the best places to check out while you’re there!

  57. Carla W. says:

    Search to find things to do that are inexpensive.

  58. Carla Williams says:

    Take mixed & match items so you don’t have to take so many items

  59. Paula Adams says:

    If you can swing it, try to travel off-season to minimize crowds and possibly cost!

  60. Carla W. says:

    Pack as lightly as you can to save room for purchases.

  61. Paula Adams says:

    Before departure, visit the dollar store and buy a few things for the drive/flight/destination: mini-tissues, antiseptic wipes, snacks, bottled water, toys/activities for the kids, sample-size shampoos, etc.

  62. Carla W. says:

    Hide money in different spots in your purse.

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