With the stress that comes with attending college, holidays are the finest times to travel. Students can utilize their holidays to go on trips and savor unwinding moments.

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Travel Destinations for College Students

There are some popular places to travel around the world for students. Traveling while in college exposes students to global history and culture.

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And If you have no idea how interesting to spend your free time, read on to find out popular places to travel in the world for students.

There are several popular places to explore for college students who wish to unwind. More exciting is that these places expose a new kind of learning. Below is our list of student travel ideas for holiday trips around the world:

1.     Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular place for young people who are excited to start their trips during the holidays. There are exciting places to be in Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh City is one of those places. The combination of historical and cultural attractions, extensive city streets, and natural areas makes it impossible to make a mistake. When trying to plan a trip with college friends who have different preferences, you should take into consideration Vietnam. This is because of the variety of things to do and the low cost of living there. Some of the travellers choose to move to Vietnam and work as digital nomads or find a job there. 

Before finalizing your plans, you might want to check Google Flights to compare prices and get an idea of the best times to visit. Many travelers have found it helpful to use tools like this when coordinating their journeys to diverse destinations.

2.     Croatia

If you enjoy sailing, visiting isolated coves, and attending beach parties, visit the islands that make up the Croatian archipelago. Outside the grip of study, you will have a trip to remember

when you visit this place. It draws a fair number of bikers, likely due to the tranquility of the seaside roads and the breathtaking scenery. The scenic fishing villages, vineyards, and olive trees on the island of Brac give it a more local atmosphere.

3.     Portland, Oregon

This is the perfect place for you if you’ve been daydreaming of a quaint, rainy trip where you can curl up reading while sipping locally roasted coffee. When you visit, go to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The online science museum features a wide variety of hands-on displays appropriate for visitors of all ages. They cover a wide range of scientific disciplines. Also, Portland is home to some truly outstanding restaurants. Visiting this location accounts for the best student trips.

4.     Belize

Caye Caulker in Belize is the perfect place for students to vacation. It is one of the cheap places for college students to travel. This place is a superb travel destination if you want to relax on the beach and participate in exciting water activities. Caye Caulker is the epitome of what it means to live the island vide lifestyle. It offers a wide variety of activities that students will enjoy participating in. In addition, you can enjoy diving and flying over the Great Blue Hole and cave tubing while you are there.

5.     Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in the Balkans region of Europe, which is somewhat further east. Its most famous resort, Sunny Beach, has been recognized as the best bargain beach resort for many years. The beach is known for its beautiful sands, but it is also known as a bit of a party town. If you are looking for somewhere a bit more tranquil, you should head to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The area features Roman architecture, many museums and galleries, a massive national park, and posh hotels.


Taking trips to popular places in the world offers students a refreshing moment to catch fun while still learning about different cultures. As a student, you can afford a trip to any of these places on a budget.

It exposes you to meeting new people, learning different lifestyles, savoring fresh delicacies, and learning new ideas. For a less burdensome trip, always make sure you plan and always do extensive research.

Make friends with the people that live in the area; they will be your best resource. Do not let the thought of costs prevent you from pursuing your goals.

We hope you will find this information helpful in selecting your desired destination.

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