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Choosing the finest wood watch is quite a simple process when you are shopping for the everyday dad, and you must ensure you have seen every wood watch from JORD. The watches are quite beautiful, and they provide a timeless style that anyone will appreciate. This article explains the style of a wood watch, the choice of watch and why JORD Wood Watch is the perfect company to buy from. Three styles stand out, and each must sit on your wrist as you come to a decision.

Jord Wood Watch

#1: The Delmar Wood Watch

Dark sandalwood and blue carbon combine in one place to create a watch that is beyond the traditional wrist watch. You will see a heavy brown color in the sandalwood, and the blue metal is a fine complement for the wood. Blue and brown are the best combination for any man, and men will start casual or formal outfits that worn by the gentleman. Every man deserves a fine watch to wear for the most recent formal occasion, and he may wear it on the beach due to its casual coloring.

#2: Frankie Wood Watch

Koa and ash wood are paired in the Frankie when you want to wear something exotic and semi-formal. You will feel as though you have chosen a watch that suits every situation, and you must ensure you wear the watch every day as a marker of your personal style. Do not wear another watch when you have found such remarkable style in the Frankie. You may purchase this watch for the man who loves unique things, and you may wear the watch yourself when you want to make a statement.

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#3: Delmar Wood Watch

The Delmar is a fine watch that brings together topaz carbon and dark sandalwood. The dark character of the watch makes it seem as if it black, but you are wearing a blue and brown watch. The watch will look lovely with all your suits, and it will give you a sense of flair that you do not get in other watches. You deserve better than a basic watch, and you must think beyond those styles for your next new piece.

Wood Watch

#4: Why JORD?

The JORD Watch company has chosen styling that will enhance the live and personal image of the user. They wanted to make something that was different from the traditional watches on the market, and they believed using wood could make something completely new for a man. The company stands apart from other design houses in the industry, and they are quite advanced in their design as they operate. Their design choices say something about their style, grace and passion for timepieces.

Jord Wood Watch Face

Designing watches sits on the fringes of the fashion world, and the watch is the final piece of an ensemble for every man. These men slide the watch on their wrist, and they may check the time with the coloring and style showing. The watch peeks out from under a man’s cuff, and the watches make lovely gifts when women are searching for something to give the man who has everything.