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Being cooped up in a hospital time any time of year is not ideal. But when you have to spend Christmas in a cold, sterile hospital room, it seems even more bah-humbug. A child in the hospital? Over Christmas? Even worse.


Powering Imaginations

This past week, Duracell gave my family and I the incredible opportunity to bless Children’s Medical Center Dallas with gifts for their patients. With a gift card in hand, we took all five of our children to Toy ‘R Us to shop. We needed gifts for kids from 1 to 15 and thought our own children would have great insight!

Shopping for the #DuracellPowersPlay toy drop in DallasWe are pretty excited about the chance to deliver a few Toys & Duracell batteries to the Children’s Health Hospital in #Dallas tomorrow. Helping to Power Kids Imaginations. #DuracellPowersPlay AD

Posted by Days of a Domestic Dad on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Walking through the aisles, we studied every toy. Duracell powers play, and we wanted the toys we donated to help carry the recipient to another place. To power the imagination and allow the children to forget about where they are… if just for a moment.


On the day we loaded up the vehicle to drop off the toys, we had over 55 different gifts to donate.  Alongside the 55 toys your family had purchased, Duracell had donated 300 toys to the hospital, one for every patient. The kids were excited to know that they were going to be bringing happiness to so many patients through their shopping spree. They know how much they enjoy receiving gifts, but have discovered how much better it is to give!

Dropping off Toys for the #DuracellPowersPlay toy drop off!

Posted by Days of a Domestic Dad on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thanks to Duracell, we were able to not only bless the patients at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, but maybe even their siblings. Children’s gives each patient in the hospital on Christmas Day three gifts… and their siblings each receive one gift. It was overwhelming to know that our actions this week could bring joy to so many in a such a challenging time.


Being a father of five, all of which who have been a patient at Children’s Medical Center at some point over the past 21 years, I appreciate and understand the little things when a child is sick. Duracell provided us with the means to provide a way to create small moments of cheer for sick children. For that, we are grateful as parents… and as a family in whole. Merry Christmas!