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Looking for an effective and convenient way to enjoy crystal-clear, room-filling sound in a single room or multiple rooms? Look no further than the Philips Izzy multi-room speaker range! The Philips Izzy speaker range offers two models: the BM5 and the BM50. You can link up to four speakers, either all of the same model or not, by simply pressing the Izzylink “Group” button. You can place each speaker in a different room to take the music with you as you move about, or link multiple speakers in the same room for an outstanding stereo sound experience.

Philips Izzy Speaker Review

Philips Izzy Speaker Review

If you’re using the speakers in separate rooms, you can even take control of each individual speaker to have different music play in different rooms! The Philips Izzy speaker range supports all your favorite streaming music apps as well as your own personally created playlists on your smartphone or tablet, and there’s no Wi-Fi connection, password, or specialized app needed — all you need to do is enable Bluetooth on your device, connect it to the speaker, and you’re good to go. With the BM50, you can even connect your CD player or radio to the speaker via a USB connection and stream your CD collection or favorite AM/FM radio station anywhere in your home.

Philips Izzy Speaker Review

Both speaker models combine sleek appearance with top functionality to give you the best multi-room listening experience. The BM5 model comes in three different colors and offers a simple interface in a compact size that does not sacrifice functionality, boasting two 2.5″ drivers and a bass port for booming, vibrant sound. The BM5 model also has an open range of up to 100m, which should be more than enough to distribute the speakers among different rooms in your home.

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The BM50 model is slightly larger at 2.75″ and boasts a 40W amplification when two BM50 speakers are connected, along with a bass pipe. Like the BM5, it also has a range of 100m without interference, has an LED light that indicates signal strength between speakers, and can be linked with up to four Izzy speakers using the Izzylink feature. However, what truly sets the BM50 apart from the BM5 is its ability to connect to a CD player, radio, or other USB-capable device in addition to using Bluetooth. Regardless of your choice in model or quantity of speakers, the Philips Izzy speaker range is an excellent choice for your audio streaming needs.

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