If you are new to collecting sports memorabilia, welcome to the world of autographs and collectibles from legendary sports players!

Signed Football

Millions of Americans participate in this exciting hobby and there is a massive community ready to welcome you in with open arms.

It is a hobby rooted in community and shared experiences, but it is nuanced enough to mean something different to everyone.

You are probably learning a lot about your new passion so far, but one of the most crucial things to learn as soon as possible is the proper way to store your collection as it grows.

Below are five steps for caring for your sports memorabilia that every collector needs to know:

  • Cases

Unprotected sports memorabilia are a recipe for disaster!

Many terrible things can happen to your most prized sports possessions – it is not worth it to not case your collection. Cases come in multiple shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your needs.

Enclosing your collection in a case is not just about protecting your treasures from dust and damage; it is also a great way to arrange and display your collection.

  • Temperature

Excess moisture is the number one contributor to speeding up the process of decay and damage for your favorite sports memorabilia.

To keep your items safer for longer, avoid storing them in the basement or garage – those places tend to be less temperature-controlled and can be subject to humidity and rain.

  • Avoid Sunlight

Always avoid prolonged (or direct) exposure to sunlight.

The UV rays in sunlight can fade and destroy signatures and colors before you know it. To prevent this, consider investing in a display case with a protective UV shield layer to keep your prized items from fading.

Store your items, such as signed baseballs or trading cards, in a cool and dry place. You can keep them in archival boxes, display cases, or non-toxic plastic sleeves.

  • Avoid Touching

When you invest in something of value, regardless of whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic, you need to take of it.

One of the most common risks that memorabilia items face is over-handling. If you must touch, always avoid touching the surface of the items, and make sure your hands are clean.

If possible, buy a pair of gloves and only ever handle your items with them on.

  • Insurance

For most collectors, sports memorabilia has sentimental value – for others (like investors) – the value is financially driven.

Sports jerseys, basketballs, baseballs, and football helmets are some of the most popular items to collect. As with collecting anything of exclusivity, insurance is a must.

To get insurance for your collection, consult a broker who specializes in collectibles and understands the unique risks associated with this hobby. Be sure to get cover for fire, theft, and accidental damage.

To End

No matter what items you collect, how you handle and display them will affect their value over time. You must take good care of your collection to keep it in good condition.

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