It has been said that most things are okay in moderation, and alcohol falls into that category for most people. It should not do you much harm to enjoy an occasional drink if you’re not driving or doing anything else unsafe.

Handsome depressed man drinking whiskey

However, when you start to use alcohol as a crutch, that’s when you’re getting into potentially dangerous territory.

Seeking an addiction treatment center in Orange County becomes advisable if you live in that part of the country and you’re struggling with drinking too much. If you’re not sure whether you’ve reached that point, though, it makes sense to think about whether your drinking is starting to have some physical or behavioral repercussions.

We’ll talk about how you can identify those right now.

Physical Repercussions

There are all kinds of physical repercussions from alcohol use, both in the short and long term. In the short term, you may notice that if you’re drinking more, you might start to have hangovers the following day. Hangovers aren’t much fun. You can feel awful if you overindulged, and it’s even worse if you have work or school the next day.

You can sustain injuries while drinking that won’t mean much to you at the time, but when the alcohol’s numbing effects wear off, you will feel them much more. In the long term, if you continue drinking habitually, you can also expect to suffer liver damage. You have an increased risk of developing some cancers as well.

Behavioral Repercussions

On the behavioral side of things, if you drink too much, you might notice that you get angry or belligerent. You may be more inclined to yell at your friends or family members if you abuse alcohol. You might also be a sad drunk who gets maudlin if you overindulge.

You won’t be much fun to be around if you’re in this condition often. Drinking too much can cost you friendships or relationships for this reason. Drinking excessively might cost you your job as well. If you show up for work drunk or hungover, and your boss notices, they might decide to fire you for cause.

Knowing When You’ve Crossed the Line

Physical and behavioral repercussions will come into play eventually if you drink too much, but how can you know that you’ve crossed a line? The answer to that will not be the same for every person. Some individuals might have a hard time admitting that they have a problem. They may just say they like to party on the weekends.

Often, words like “partying” become euphemisms for what is happening. They become convenient excuses for the problem drinker to fall back on.

If you can’t tell whether your drinking has become a problem, ask those closest to you. Trusted family members, friends, or coworkers should have no trouble telling you the truth about what they think.

It might be hard to hear what they have to say, but if they all agree you’re drinking too much, it’s time to make a change.

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