As far as sports that middle-aged dads in America adore, the most popular ones are the ones that coexist on their TV screens all the time. Let’s take a look at what they are.

, The Most Popular Sports Watched by Middle-Aged Dads in America, Days of a Domestic Dad

Football Remains King

It is completely understandable that American football is the most popular sport with middle-aged dads in the United States. Drawn from a 2023 survey by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), 58% of men aged 45-54 admitted to regularly watching professional football games. An interesting statistic is that the NFL figure has been consistently around that number for the better part of ten years. This is definitely a testimony to the power of the NFL.

It would be reasonable to state that the trigger that draws young people to football comes from the lengthy tradition of the sport, the thrilling and risky nature of the gameplay, and the commonality of supporting a team with friends and family. The men of middle age, who have been football fans since childhood, will also pass on their passion to their offspring, meaning that they can perhaps see football as an avenue to betting offshore on these sites and think it could be a great way to make extra income

Baseball Remains Loyal

It is no surprise that baseball is another old American pastime that older dads would love to watch. It is remarked by the same SFIA survey that 47% of guys aged 45 to 54 regularly watch professional baseball games. This slight decline has been seen in the last decade, most likely due to the sport’s relatively leisurely pace and the increasing competition of other sports.

Nevertheless, the fact that baseball has a long history, the calmness and retrospection it gives you, and the strategic depth it comes with can attract middle-aged fans. The connection between generations, the slowdown of the game, and the mutual experience of going to games with relatives and friends are the main factors that make baseball resiliently attractive for the older generation.

Basketball Gains Popularity

Although football and baseball still are the top two sports watched by middle-aged fathers, basketball has been gradually getting the third spot on the list during the last few years. The latest SFIA survey results indicated that 42% of men aged 45-54 tune in to professional basketball games on a regular basis, which is a 10% jump compared to ten years ago.

The main reason for basketball’s widespread popularity can be summarized by a list of factors. The broadened exposure and advertising campaigns of the NBA, the league’s adoption of social media and digital platforms, and the rising popularity of the sport among the younger generation are the main causes of the increase of the NBA among middle-aged dads.

In addition, the whirlwind fashion of basketball which is expressed through high scores and well-known star players as well as team rivalries has enchanted this age group, who are attracted by the adrenaline and drama of the game.

However, the old-fashioned sports that have always been the first choice of middle-aged dads do continue to hold their ground. Besides, some new trends have started to crop up among the same group. Even middle-aged dads are making reference to e-sports, which has become a huge industry.

As the business matures and wider acceptance of e-sports is achieved, it is likely that e-sports will become the common hobby of middle-aged dads. In addition to other sporting events, pickleball is a sport that has seen a surge in popularity among middle-aged dads.

The quick-to-master 3-in-1 game sport which is a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong has become a sensation among this group. A 2023 USA Pickleball Association survey revealed 35% of participants to be aged 45-64, commonly middle-aged dads, who noted the sport’s social dynamics as well as the lower physical requirements as the main reasons for its wide popularity.

In the changing American sports scene, middle-aged dads’ choices have proven to be relatively stable, and football, baseball, and basketball are still the most popular sports in this demographic. In spite of this, the increasing popularity of e-sports and the drastic rise in the following of pickleball suggest that new trends are starting to materialize. This provides middle-aged dads with other means to enjoy sports and develop connections with their friends and relatives.

With the sports industry developing its modern face, it would be amazing to watch how the interests and the viewing habits of middle-aged dads will go through a period of transformation in the coming years. One thing is certain: however, the enthusiasm for sports for middle-aged men in the US stays alive and its functions to bring people together will keep on being an important part of those men’s lives.

, The Most Popular Sports Watched by Middle-Aged Dads in America, Days of a Domestic Dad