Do you or your parents still have a family photo book? They used to be so common. Do you remember when scrapbooking was a trend?

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Not many people do it now. We’re turning to our phones, group chats, and social media to save our memories – half the time, forgetting about it.

Below, we’ll explore some creative ways to bring back photo memorabilia you can pass on.

Photo Books

Do you have a photobook? The answer is probably no. Why? Our photos live on our phones and social media – family photo books aren’t as common as they were. But how many times have you lost photos when you break a phone? Or get a new one?

It’s time to bring traditional photo books back. Something feels so special about them. And don’t worry. You can use a photo album creator to download the photos from your social media.

They’re a special piece of memorabilia to pass down through the family. We bet you have a family photo book from generations gone by, don’t you?


Scrapbooking is so much fun once you get into it. Or at least it’s great fun to do with your kids. They might be more creative and imaginative than you.

Gather old photographs, ticket stubs, postcards, and other memorabilia to create a scrapbook that becomes a keepsake of family stories. You can buy cheap, plain scrapbooks from Amazon. There are entire scrapbooking kits on Amazon – you can do the decoration easily.

Family Heirloom Collection

That sounds old school. Family heirlooms are not just valuable antiques. They can be anything that holds sentimental value. But do you have one? Perhaps you can start a collection. A beautiful locket necklace, a watch, something sentimental like antiques.

On Pinterest, there are ideas to add small notes or labels that look really beautiful. This collection can become a family treasure to pass down.

You’ll likely also have things you can pass down anyway and perhaps have had things given to you by your parents or grandparents – all you’re doing is adding to the collection rather than letting the tradition die out.

Family Videos

Family videos aren’t the same anymore. It’s the same with the videos, they’re often on social media or on our phones. Bring back old-school-style videos with camcorders – nobody does it anymore! You can get really cool vintage family recorders that will put an old-school-style spin on the video. It might be a better idea than your average vlogging camera.

You can get the budget version from shops like Amazon – some cameras can be super expensive.

You can keep them safe on USBs and memory cards. It puts more of a traditional approach to a modern way of saving memorabilia – you’re just taking the videos away from your phone where they could easily be lost.

Do you remember this more traditional way of saving family memories? Sometimes it’s good to move away from the digital and into something you can physically pass down. Which idea do you like the best?

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