25 Date Night Ideas

One thing I know, we, as men, need to take our significant other out more often… alone. I realized after Staci and I separated, and later reconciled many years ago, we needed “us time”. There is something about the one-on-one time that builds your relationship and can really sweep her off her feet (if done right).

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. – Anonymous

So, Gentlemen, I challenge you to challenge yourself. Take your lady out for a date night. I promise that if you plan and execute a exciting, energetic, and eccentric evening, it will pay off. Let me place a few ideas in your head to start you off. Then it is up to you to plan THE date night of all date nights.

Date Night Ideas

25 Date Night Ideas

  • Spend a night Stargazing
  • Watch and cheer at a local sporting event
  • Go out for coffee and talk
  • Visit model homes in the area and compare ideas
  • Go retro and go roller skating
  • Catch a dollar movie and split a popcorn
  • Bury a time capsule together
  • Volunteer together at a local food bank, shelter, etc
  • After the kids go to bed, take a bubble bath together
  • Take a drive down memory lane

  • Have a pillow fight
  • Take stroll through the botanical gardens
  • Catch up on a TV series together
  • Play Frisbee golf together
  • Have an in-home spa night and pamper each other
  • Attend an amateur comedy show
  • Packa  basket and have a picnic
  • Go geocaching
  • Watch a sunset together
  • Take a dance class together
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  • Build a blanket fort in your room and then enjoy the space afterwards
  • See a movie at a drive-in theater
  • Go dancing
  • Hop on Priceline and find a budget-friendly room
  • Camp out in the backyard

What is your favorite date night idea? When was the last time you went out on a date?

I would enjoy hearing your ideas for the next time I need one in a pinch. Plus, it keeps our relationship exciting when we can add new activities to our list.

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  1. You gave a lot of great and fun ideas. I will have to try some of them. We have season tickets for our soccer team so that is always a fun date night. I would like to buy a pair of bikes and go riding along the beach for a day date!

  2. alejandra castro says:

    These are some of the cutest ways to have a date! In need of trying some! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. Liking these ideas… we’ve done pretty much all of them though! Maybe we should rack our brains and come up with 25 more.. lol 😀 Thanks for this article tho!

  4. Those are really great ideas, some are actually pretty funny, lol. What Hubby and I love to do on Date Night is go down to Joe Louis Arena and cheer on our Detroit Red Wings. There’s nothing like a live Hockey game especially if your both seriously into it as my Husband and I are. I can’t wait for Hockey season to begin. Hmmm… I wonder what Hubby would do ifI just busted out with a pillow fight, lmbo, he’d probably think I was nuts, but I bet he’d join in a kick my butt!!! LOL. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for the article. Some really good ideas. I’ll be forwarding your link to my husband… A “subtle” hint, don’t you think?? 😉

  5. Kim L. says:

    What good ideas! People make fun of us but some of our favorite date nights involve having a quick dinner and going to a high school wrestling match. My husband is a coach so we get to scout out other teams while we’re spending time with each other.

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