Relationships are important to everyone. Whether you are 14 or 40, we all want meaningful and loving relationships in our lives. So let’s talk about the difference between traditional dating vs online dating.

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Traditional Dating vs Online Dating

But how do we get them? Are we better off using old-fashioned pen and paper dating services or should we just try online dating? Well, the answer is yes and no. You see, both have their pros and cons and to make an informed decision it’s best to understand what these are.   

What Is Traditional Dating?

Traditional dating is the most basic form of finding a mate. It involves walking up to potential candidates, asking them out, and then going through with the said date. Knowing how to ask a guy out when doing it in person is totally different than online. The two people involved may or may not know each other beforehand and their level of interest can range from very high to almost none at all. Finally, there is no “end game” when it comes to traditional dating; they either make it to second base or they don’t (or you go home in tears). 

Advantages of Traditional Dating

  • Personal Connection:  In the past, traditional dating was the way to go for finding a mate. People were expected to gather their courage and ask out that cute girl or guy they had been admiring from afar. This meant there was a personal connection between two people before they even started going out which led to stronger relationships. In short, you didn’t have to worry about whether or not someone would be interested in you romantically because both parties felt each other out first usually by talking about common interests over a drink at a bar. Also, since girls were forced to wait until they were asked out on a date it kept them from being too forward with men (unless she wanted).
  • The Chase:  Finally, traditional dating gave everyone chivalry and the chance to feel like a princess or prince for a day. Women and men alike were able to appreciate this because they looked forward to dressing up and going out on romantic dates with their significant other where they would be showered with compliments and attention.  

Disadvantages of Traditional Dating

  • Awkwardness:  It is obvious that with any kind of new relationship there will be awkward moments when you are getting to know each other’s likes, dislikes, quirks, etc… However, when it comes to traditional dating things can get uncomfortable fast if you leave unwanted advances without saying something right away. Asking someone out is just the beginning and if they turn you down, you will often have to live with the embarrassment and shame of rejection.
  • Lose-Lose:  Another disadvantage of traditional dating is that it is very black and white when it comes to how someone feels about you. If your feelings aren’t returned then there is no hope for a relationship even if the two parties involved get along great; end game = failed! This can lead to one party feeling like they are in a lose-lose situation and this could prevent them from ever trying again or asking out another person which can be frustrating.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is the next step in matchmaking. You no longer have to rely on blind faith and you can contact someone at any time, anywhere with the help of a mobile phone or computer. There are more ways to interact with others including video chat, messaging apps, social media sites, etc. Today’s modern world allows anyone to date if they have access to some form of an Internet connection which takes away nearly all barriers when it comes to finding love. Just see to it that you have fast and reliable high-speed broadband internet to achieve your perfect online date without any hassle or delay on both ends.

More than half of all couples are meeting online now which makes it very difficult to avoid. You don’t want to miss out on half of your chances do you? Many singles who aren’t familiar with it are hesitant to start though. Where exactly do you begin?

Fortunately, there are some great organizations out there that can help guide you. When you’re ready to start begin by looking at some reviews of the various option available, like Beyond Age’s review of There you can see how useful the site or app is and the type of people that will have success using it. There are too many options out there to make a blind guess on your own!

It’s also important to remember to be safe when using online dating platforms. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the site or app before giving out any personal information.

It’s also a good idea to use a separate email address and not to share too much personal information until you’ve gotten to know someone better. Additionally, always trust your gut instincts and don’t engage in any activities that make you feel uncomfortable. With the right research and preparation, you can find the best dating sites and apps for young people that fit your needs and help you find the right match.

Advantages of Online Dating

  • Streamlined:  Since online dating has become so popular over the last decade or so there are many websites whose sole purpose is for this purpose alone. Gone are the days where you had to fill out loads of about your likes/dislikes/interests/ etc… before being allowed to see someone’s profile. In an online dating world, you get matched up to others based on the things that are important to you and then you can start messaging one another if both parties agree that they would like to meet in person.
  • Quicker:  Online dating is also a quick and convenient way for people to meet and go out on a date. There is no need to spend hours getting dressed up and driving around town in hopes of finding someone who might be available, interested, etc.
  • Filter: Finally, online dating is a great way to filter through people and date based on your needs whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or exploring sugar daddy dating. Nowadays there are lots of dating sites where you can find the perfect match for you, whether you are looking for Sugar Daddy Sites, LGBT, or Datings over 50. Besides, you can easily find your match by using search filters, such as body type, ethnicity, and education level. You can narrow it down by age group or location that you would like to be around as well as what interests you have in common with the person such as their favorite food, movies, music, places they’ve traveled to, etc.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

  • Less Personal:  With traditional dating, you were able to share your life’s story before you even agreed to meet in person. You got to know everything about each other; whether it be good or bad/happy or sad…no detail was too small! This made for an entire evening of conversation, laughter, and memories that the two parties involved would cherish forever. However, with online dating, it is more difficult because people can hide behind their computer screens and not give much away.
  • Lack of Interaction:  Another disadvantage of online dating is that oftentimes people don’t want to spend time messaging back and forth with another party before agreeing to meet up. They are so used to being able to swipe right on someone’s profile without having any interaction whatsoever which makes them feel like they have already “dated” that person even if they are just beginning to chat. This can lead to bad first impressions or awkward feelings instead of excitement and anticipation for their date.
  • Fake Profiles:  Another disadvantage of online dating is that there are often fake profiles on dating websites which could cause you to waste your time, hurt your feelings, etc. Never meet up with someone who refuses to give you personal information about themselves such as their phone number or any other method of contacting them outside of an email address or messenger app! These are usually red flags that the person might not be who they say they are which means you should run in the opposite direction! To be extra sure, run a public records lookup using their phone number or email to see what information is available about them online.

Which is Better, Online Dating or Traditional Dating?

For those who are busy working 12-14 hour days, it can be nearly impossible to find time in your schedule to go out and meet new potential dates from a bar or around town. With that being said, whether you’re introvert or extrovert this could be the perfect way for you to find love while sitting at your desk!

What Are Your Traditional Dating vs Online Dating Pros and Cons

However, if traditional dating is more your style then you will need to get dressed up and head out into the real world to find your perfect match. This can be much more personal and you will get to witness both parties personalities as well as how they interact together in a social setting.

How is Online Dating Different From Regular Dating

You should never limit yourself based on a means of dating – whether it be online or traditional. If the person is a good match for you then that’s all that matters! You just have to find what works best for you and go from there!

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