Are you a movie night kind of family? We are a family that really enjoys making a big bowl of popcorn, putting on pajamas, and streaming a movie or two.

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Family Movie Night

Netflix has plenty of movies to stream for all members of the family. I did some research and have come up with a list of movies that families might enjoy watching together on Netflix.

  • Incredibles 2

The sequel to Incredibles is just as action packed as the original with a family of lively and quirky superheroes.

  • The Emoji Movie

Who doesn’t like emojis? This animated film is exceptionally clever with an emoji named Gene who lives inside a cell phone and struggles to figure out what kind of emoji he is.

  • A Wrinkle in Time

Meg and her brother are young kids who are visited by three magical figures that put them on a journey through time to find their missing father.

  • Benji

A stray dog named Benji is found by two children. They take him under their wings. The kids get kidnapped and Benji will stop at nothing to find them.

  • Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins is back! The story continues two decades after the original took place set in the 1930s. Siblings Michael and Jane are now adults. Michael lives in his childhood home with his own three children. Mary Poppins returns to care for them.

  • Coco

Coco is an Academy Award winning Disney-Pixar film that tells the story of the Mexican custom of Los Dias de los Muertos. Miguel gets swept into in the Land of the Dead and goes on a journey to uncover a family secret.

  • Spy Kids

Carmen and Juni Cortez are the children of two clever spies who go undercover when the kids are tucked into bed. When their parents disappear, the kids have to go find them and save the world in the process.

  • Hotel for Dogs

If you are dog lovers, you and your kids will love this adorable film about stray dogs who take up residence in transformed, abandoned warehouse.

  • Little Rascals

Remember the Little Rascals TV show? These adorable kids are full of playful pranks, puppy love, and true friendship.

This is the sequel to the video-game adventure Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph is the star in his game. But, things go haywire when he tries to save a broken game called Sugar Rush.

A Few More You Might want to Check Out

Peter Rabbit
Daddy Daycare
The Little Prince
Bridge to Terabithia
Boss Baby
The Bee Movie
Dolphin Tale