We live for family adventures. But no parent enjoys the incessant cries of “are we there yet?” during a cross country road trip or international flight. So, finding family fun that’s a little closer to home is something that will appeal to all households. 

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Here are 10 simple suggestions that will keep mom, dad, and the kids smiling from ear to ear. 

Take a local holiday: Rather than traveling for hours, why not go camping a couple of towns over? The outdoor adventures will bring the family closer together and provide memories that last a lifetime. Another option is to trade houses with another family.  

Start supporting the sports team: Whether it’s a professional team or the University team, afternoons spent at the local court, field, or arena are great fun. As well as celebrating the victories with your family, you can join in with the other supporters. Perfect.  

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Go for a family meal: There’s nothing better than sharing great food and a relaxed conversation with your loved ones. L.A. Mex is a particularly popular option for all family members, but there are plenty of other cuisines to try. 

Bake a cake at home: Alternatively, you could look to create tasty treats at home. The only travel involved in this case will be to the local grocery store. Even toddlers can join in with the simple cakes while pre-teens can get involved with more advanced dishes. 

Enjoy a beach day: Beach days will provide plenty of happy moments. In truth, hitting the beach would be the first thing you do on vacation. While your local beach might not match Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana, it can still be lots of fun. Just be sure to stay safe.

Attend an amateur show: Tickets for a professional musical or stage show could cost you a lot of money while you’ll need to travel into a big city too. Opting for a smaller production within your town is a great option for your finances and sanity. It’s the best introduction for kids.

Visit a false ski slope: While sporting activities in the park are fun, it’s the infrequent sporting trips that you’ll remember forever. Finding your local dry ski slope is a great option that can replicate the thrill of Aspen without the travel, costs, or cold.

Volunteer at an event: Whether it’s supporting a local fun run or cake sale, your family’s support will be gratefully received. Aside from the fact it’s a local event that won’t cost money, it offers a brilliant atmosphere while also teaching kids to give back to society.

Play virtual reality: Kids love technology. VR is one of the most advanced ideas, and is something that parents can enjoy even when you’re not normally a gamer. The best VR games can transport you to new worlds without the travel. Just be sure to check it’s age appropriate.

Sign your child up for a hobby: If your kids enjoy a particular sport, dance style, or type of music, use it. Classes that culminate with matchdays or public showcases are perfect. As a parent, this is your new source of fun. Each weekend will be a local one too.