The gastric balloon reduces the space in your stomach for food, making you feel full faster. This helps you lose weight without the need for surgery. This procedure is minimally invasive and requires only local anesthesia.

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It can also be performed on an outpatient basis, reducing costs compared to bariatric surgery.

Cost of the Balloon

Unlike other surgical weight loss procedures, the gastric balloon does not require any permanent alterations to the body. However, health insurance does not cover the process because it does not treat obesity or co-occurring illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. However, many patients can use their flexible spending accounts (FSA or HSA) to cover the cost of the procedure.

Other options include financing the system through Orbera, which can cost as low as $150 per month, depending on total procedure costs and credit. When comparing prices, ensure that the price includes both the placement and removal of the balloon. Some companies will quote a much lower price but must include the procedure or additional fees, such as anesthesia or operating room charges.

Make sure you also ask if the price quoted includes a replacement balloon if it ruptures or deflates before six months is up. The gastric balloon occupies space in the stomach, which makes individuals feel full and encourages a healthy diet. The process is very safe and non-invasive, with few complications.

Most people can return to work the same day. The balloon is only temporary, and long-term success requires permanent dietary and lifestyle changes after removing the procedure. It is typically used for a year or more, and most patients achieve their desired weight loss by the time the balloon is removed.

Cost of the Procedure

There are a few factors that affect the cost of a gastric balloon. For example, the type of balloon will determine how much you’ll pay. You should also consider the skill of your surgeon, as this will impact first-time success rates and whether you’ll need a replacement in the event of a premature rupture or deflation.

During the procedure, a doctor will place the balloon via a thin tube in your stomach while you’re sedated. The process is non-invasive, and you won’t need to stay overnight in hospital. The balloon takes up space in your stomach, making you feel full and helping you to control portion sizes.

As a temporary solution to obesity, the gastric balloon is much less expensive than other bariatric surgery procedures, such as a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. However, it is important to remember that a gastric balloon is only effective with dietary and behavioral changes.

The cost of the procedure will depend on your balloon type and surgeon’s experience. You should always compare prices when choosing a surgeon, and be sure to include the cost of both placement and removal.

It’s also worth noting that a gastric balloon is considered elective surgery, and most insurance companies will not cover the procedure. However, you can ask your GP about the NHS’s policies, as they may be more willing to approve the design in exceptional cases.

Cost of the Insurance

The gastric balloon procedure is considered elective surgery, and most health insurance providers do not cover it. Some bariatric surgeons offer their financing options, while others use a third-party provider to help their patients afford the costs of the procedure.

This provider offers a credit card specifically for medical expenses not covered by insurance, and you can apply online for a loan with no down payment. When comparing prices for Orbera or other gastric balloons, make sure that the price includes both the placement and removal of the balloon. Also, make sure to include any associated fees. For example, some surgeons may charge more for their years of experience performing the procedure.

The gastric balloon cost is affordable compared to other more invasive weight loss surgeries. However, it is important to remember that the gastric balloon will only be effective if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. If you don’t, you could lose and regain all the weight.

To maximize the benefits of the gastric balloon, you should work with a bariatric surgeon and adhere to a rigorous weight loss program. This will ensure that you can keep the weight off for good.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong journey, so working closely with your doctor to achieve success is crucial.

Cost of the Aftercare

The gastric balloon procedure may suit you if you want to lose weight quickly and safely. However, it is not a standalone treatment and requires significant lifestyle changes.

This includes adopting a healthy diet, increasing physical activity, and modifying long-term behavior. This process can take up to a year, so you must be committed to the change. Unlike other weight loss surgeries, this procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require general anesthesia.

It can be performed in a doctor’s office, and the balloon can be removed within six months. In addition, the balloon doesn’t cause any serious side effects. However you may experience some discomfort or nausea after the procedure, but these symptoms should pass as your stomach gets used to the balloon.

The intragastric balloon’s price varies from country to country, but it is typically less expensive than bariatric surgery. It also depends on whether you choose a local or international provider.  It is important to consult a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon before deciding which balloon to purchase.

Compare prices and consider other costs, such as pre-procedure investigations and follow-up visits. You should also discuss financing options with your doctor to determine if this treatment is affordable.

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