Giving your children the best party is always a good feeling. Colorful balloons and decorations, countless toys, and party games will put a big smile on their faces.

Latin american dad playing with mixed race daughter on inflatable slide at kindergarten playroom

Entertainment is essential for a successful party, and you must prepare well to impress the little guests.

Nicky Party Rental – bounce house rental Miami knows how important it is to offer your children the best in the world. Bounce houses are a big hit with children and a must-have at your party. You will need a proper blower to inflate the bounce house to achieve that fun bounce. 

Not every blower will be able to inflate the bounce house properly. Having all the required equipment is a vital step. If you plan a surprise party for your kid, correctly using a blower for a bounce house might ensure the party’s success.

What Is the Ideal Size for a Blower?

When searching for a blower perfect for your bounce house, you must understand what it is and how it works. A blower is a big fan that throws air into the bounce house to inflate it. Using a blower is easy:

  • Plug them into an electrical outlet.
  • Attach the air tube to the blower.
  • Turn the flip on and wait for the bounce house to inflate.
  • It’s crucial to let the blower run throughout the party. 

Depending on its size, you might need various types of blowers. A relatively small bounce house can be around 12’x12’ inches in size. They will require a blower with 1HP (horsepower) and around 800 CMF (Cubic Feet per Minute). If you’re going all the way and renting a bigger bounce house, the blower needs to have at least 2HP and 1000 to 2000CMF. 

Features Worth Considering for a Blower

You might get confused when choosing the right fit for a blower. Fortunately, some features are worth considering before purchasing one. The blower should have a full horsepower motor to ensure it can cope with the high volume of the bounce house. You can also look for a blower that can be used inside and outside. 

Furthermore, you should opt for an energy-efficient blower to keep that electricity bill under control. When purchasing a blower for your residence, a mobile, easy-to-move blower might work better with your available space. If you are looking for durability, you can acquire a blower made of polypropylene. Machines with long cords made of durable material will make it easier for you to operate in the available space.  

Can You Over-Inflate a Bounce House?

Bounce houses are not the same as balloons. A balloon contains air, and over-inflating it will make it pop. On the other hand, bounce houses tend to escape much air. To avoid such situations, you must continuously provide airflow to the bounce house. If you turn off your blower, you will notice how quickly the bounce house deflates. 

You won’t need a big blower for your residence, as it might unnecessarily increase your electricity bills. A larger blower will inflate the bounce house quicker, but you can not over-inflate your bounce house. With the correct type of blower, your bounce house will be the talk of the party, and your children will have the time of their lives.

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