Unless you have been living in a hole the past few months, you should know that this year is already half way gone. It is pretty crazy how days can seem to drag on but years fly by. As I was reflecting the other day over the past six months, I was thinking of some things I have already done… and still want to do… this year. I am not a list kind of person, I leave that to my wife (she is a list making fool) but I thought I would try my hand at one with a 2013 Year End Bucket List.

I must admit, we have been able to experience some pretty awesome events this year already. Staci and I were invited to spend our anniversary at celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty Restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Just imagine dining 50 stories high and level with the Downtown Dallas skyline. All this while the restaurant rotates around to reveal a vast urban landscape. It definitely made for a sensational dinner experience.

On the cultural arts side of things ,we have enjoyed a Mary Poppins musical and a Cirque Musica performance.

On a lighter, and more recent occasion, we took the younger kids to see Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University at the local Drive-in theater. I say local, but it was actually 45 minutes from the house. So we loaded up the Ford F-250 SuperDuty with chairs and blankets and took a short road trip to catch the double feature. I think the girls really enjoyed the experience. It was something different from them and much more fun than being home on a summer night. I can even remember my fist drive-in movie experience: Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back.

Bucket List

With plenty of months left in the year  ahead, I feel like I want to still shoot for a couple of others things to accomplish before 2014 rolls around.

  • For starters, I want to give blood and learn CPR. I was a regular blood donor when I worked in corporate america. Now that I work from home, giving blood is not as easy for me to think about since we do not have organized blood drives frequently. Maybe we should? And I think it is pretty crazy that with my 5 kids I have not learned CPR by now. It could not only be a valuable life saving resource for my kids, but also for people around me in everyday life. Red Cross
  • Just once I would like to take that iconic romantic walk on the beach… without my kids in tow. Nothing against my kids, but it is hard to hear two hearts beating as one when the girls are constantly fighting each other. I have seen countless beach scenes in movies, and I want to snuggle with my woman by a fire on the beach. I am a hopeless romantic at heart.
  • Nine times out of ten, Staci would be right beside me on things I want to do. But I am not sure she would by my side if I rode in a hot air balloon. Every year we try and catch a balloon festival or two here in the Dallas area because we enjoy the sights. We like to look at the size, color, and shapes of all the balloons with the girls. Most of all though, we enjoy sticking around after dark for the balloon glow. I think  taking a hot air balloon ride this year may be a big shot in the dark, but I am going to see what happens. Balloon Ride
  • We own a Chevy Tahoe and I do love our truck… but it doesn’t fill the last item on my 2013 bucket list. I would love to drive a high performance sports car. I am a guy and want to seat behind the wheel of a sports car. Staci and I took a Corvette Thrill Ride for my birthday last year and I do not want to ever go that fast again on four wheels. I am thinking something more like a casual cruise around town. Maybe rev up the engine a bit to turn heads and just hear the muffler growl. I am not a racer or a speed demon, I am well past that age, but I do enjoy a little luxury and style with power under the hood. Mustang

Well, there is my 2013 year end bucket list… or what I want to do bucket list. I have so many more things I could do and this is just a start. Make sure to keep a look out for my year end bucket list to do with kids coming up too.

What is still left to do on your 2013 Bucket List?