Your kid’s birthday is one of the happiest events in their lives. It’s a special day when everything’s about them, and they could receive gifts that they’ve been eyeing on for months. Moreover, they could also enjoy their favorite foods, along with a beautiful birthday cake.   

Surprise Your Kids, How To Surprise Your Kids During Their Birthday, Days of a Domestic Dad
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Surprise Your Kids During Their Birthday

While celebrating your kid’s birthday is pretty standard, you might want to make their day extra memorable by surprising them. It will help to boost their mood and be extra happier on their special day. You can imagine the smile on their faces once you give them the surprise.   

Here are the ways on how you can surprise your kids during their birthday: 

1.     Give Them An Amazing Gift  

One of the best ways to surprise your kid during their birthday is by giving them a surprising gift that they’ve been longing to have. You can choose to provide them with jigsaw puzzles, a doll, a kid’s smartwatch, books, or a new pair of shoes. Just ensure that it’s something your kid would love to have and not something you want for them that they might not be able to enjoy.   

Before giving your child their birthday gift, you might want to have a twist by turning it into a surprise. You could leave the gift on their bed with a lovely gift warp, allowing them to start the day with a smile on their face. Alternatively, you can leave your surprise present on the dresser, giving them a huge surprise as they try to grab a new set of clothes to change.

2.     Host A Surprise Birthday Party 

If you and your family usually gather around together to celebrate your birthdays, hosting a surprise birthday party would surely be a great surprise idea. In this way, you can allow their day to be extraordinary as they could be around other people they care about.   

When hosting a surprise birthday party, you can invite their friends and classmates to celebrate the birthday with your child. You can either host your surprise birthday party in your backyard or book a children’s restaurant to maximize the fun. However, if you fear that their friends would spill the surprise to your child, you should consider getting in touch with their parents and let them know about your birthday plans instead.   

As you host the party, ensure that you provide your guests with a thank you gift for making an appearance and helping to make the surprise successful. You can look for gift ideas online like on Pixels or other similar websites, and you should be able to see which kind of gift your guests would surely appreciate.   

Surprise Your Kids, How To Surprise Your Kids During Their Birthday, Days of a Domestic Dad

3.     Fill Their Bedroom With Balloons 

There’s no better feeling than waking up on your birthday and can immediately feel the celebration around you. To help your child to wake up with a happy smile on their face, you should consider filling their bedroom with balloons as they sleep at night. It will allow them to wake up with a room filled with fun decorations that’ll instantly make them feel special on their birthday.   

When filling their bedroom with balloons, avoid adding too much air as it might cause each balloon to pop. The last thing you’d want to happen is to wake them up due to a loud and uncomfortable blast. If you’re brave enough, you could even add balloons on the ceiling. However, be careful as you might be working in the dark and need to ensure that you don’t topple over your kid’s bed. 

4.     Plan A Surprise Trip  

While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your kid’s birthday party at home or their favorite restaurant, you might want to kick it up a notch by planning a surprise trip on their birthday. You can choose to visit the beach, amusement park, zoo, or book a fancy hotel that they’ve always wanted to see.   

As you plan for a surprise trip on your kid’s birthday, ensure that your kids would have some fun activities to do to enjoy the day. While it might be a great excuse to relax and visit the spa, remember that it’s your kid’s special day and the entire reason for the trip is all about them.

5.     Bring In Breakfast In Bed 

There’s no rule saying that your kids aren’t allowed to have breakfast in bed to start their birthday. If your child is a food lover, giving them a great breakfast on their bed would surely help to fuel their day and make them start the day happy.   

Ideally, you prepare all of their favorites on a single tray. You could even decorate the food tray into something festive, allowing them to feel the day extra special. You could bring in the food to their room when their alarm sets off and sing a happy birthday song right away. It’ll surely be a small gesture that your kid would appreciate and love.   


Surprising your kid on their birthday will always be a fun activity to share with your entire family. While it might be tempting to spill the beans, you should try your best to keep it a secret until the day comes.

Moreover, you should plan the entire day thoroughly and fill it with activities your child would enjoy. It’s a once-a-year event that they’ll surely remember forever.