Whatever the type of car you’re driving, adding accessories can improve both your car’s appearance and performance, and it will feel more like your own one if you modify it to your needs. Now, modern cars come pre-packed with a ton of features, some of which you’ll find heaven-sent, others unneeded, but there will still be room for improvement and additional accessories.

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Top Accessories for Your Car

There’s such a vast number of additional equipment to choose from, and so many different brands that you may need a couple of pointers in choosing the right and best quality stuff for your car.

Let’s start by saying this text is not about finding some Batmobile-like gadgets or stuff from MTV’s Pimp My Ride, it’s only a guideline to choosing the most useful equipment and subsequently filtering the best quality out of all the countless options. We’ve tried to find the best choices for accessories you would go for anyways, and also dig up some useful addons you probably wouldn’t think of. 

Useful Accessories to Buy

The first item on this list is a USB charger. Undoubtedly, there are more important parts of car equipment, but it’s here for a reason, the need for our phones and other devices to be online all the time is ever-growing, and having this simple tool in your car can make all the difference in your everyday life. We’ve looked at several lists and reviews and decided to go for a quality on-a-budget option – Anker PowerDrive 2. You get two USB-A ports, great voltage, and quality and it’ll work with most devices. It also has a great design. 

The next of the must-have accessories you should think about is a great car radio. You shouldn’t think twice between DIN and double-DIN (the main difference is in size, but also the number of features), so go for the latter. Now if you’re wondering where to buy the best double DIN head unit, you’re in luck, as you can find everything online. Start searching and you’ll get countless shopping choices, but remember to look for good quality. Autoguysland.com will give you a great price-quality ratio, and a recommendation we agreed with, ATOTO A6 Android car navigation stereo with double Bluetooth. You can’t go wrong with this beauty. 

You should always have a great emergency winter car kit in your equipment. It should be compact but have you prepared for any amount/severity of snowy weather happening while on the road. AA car essentials pack everything you need to safely travel through a cold snowy/icy night like a strong folding shovel, a nice and handy torch to help you see, a foil blanket to keep in the body heat if you need to wait for help when stranded somewhere in the snow, and also a convenient pack of rain ponchos and a set of insulated booster cables. Quite enough to make you feel much safer in extreme weather conditions. 

Also, think about getting a digital tire inflator, for those pesky moments when you get that “tire pressure is low” warnings. A FORTEM tire inflator will make the task of reinflating a piece of cake. 

Rearview mirror with dash camera

Perky Quality Gadgets for Everyday Use

The next few accessories we’ve found to be quite useful may not be as essential, but will surely make your driving experience smoother and more enjoyable. It’s just a list of interesting gadgets you might have not thought of that could make your everyday driving easier. 

  • A phone holder (so you can always keep both hands on the wheel)
  • A set of car hooks (you can set them up on the back of your seats to hang your jackets or other clothes, and not just throw them in the back to wrinkle up)
  • Memory foam chair cushions for a much more comfortable ride
  • A windshield cover (so you don’t have to spend your time scraping snow and ice from your windshield)
  • Some groovy interior LED car lights (just to have that night ride feel more enjoyable)
  • A replacement air filter, if you are always on the road (your filters might have gotten pretty dirty without you noticing. 

Do Your Own Research

The best way to find the top equipment for your car that is both useful and of good quality is, like almost anything these days, by online research. Be sure to check out multiple brands, user reviews, and explore accessories that you might have not even thought of, they may ease your everyday life. You should, of course, look out for pricing, if something is more expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, there are great on-a-budget options out there that will make your passengers jealous and won’t leave a dent in your wallet. 

Making a car feel your own takes time, and over the course of years, you’ll probably accessorize it to the point it does feel like another part of your home (only portable).

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t rush when picking out the extra equipment and try not to spare the extra dime when it comes to on-road comfort and safety.