Deciding on a gift to give someone you care about can be a little challenging. Between deciding on a budget, finding something they’ll enjoy and keeping your present a surprise, you may find yourself struggling to settle on a gift idea.

Jord Wood Watch Face

Fortunately, some gifts are perfect for any occasion — one of the most appealing being watches. This classic, timeless gift is practical, versatile and comes in a variety of styles and colors, so you’re sure to find something for everyone. Whether you go for a Rolex or choose from a selection of Luminox watches, here are five reasons to give someone a watch this year.

They’re Beautiful

Everyone has their own personal style, and watches are a great way to express this. There are countless options for the wristband alone, including leather, metals, rubber, plastic and even paracord; the clock face itself can come in all manner of shapes, colors and decorations as well. Shopping for a minimalist? Choose a simple, unassuming model with a monochrome color scheme. If your loved one prefers accessories that sparkle, many watches are designed with glistening gemstone details. For the fanatic in your life, watches are available with designs of your favorite movie, video game and television characters.

They’re Long-Lasting

Not only are watches a personalized and practical accessory, they also tend to have a long lifespan. With a bit of regular care, a watch will last for years to come — this means your loved one can enjoy your gift long after it’s been given, and may even have the opportunity to pass it down as an heirloom in the family. Watch batteries are typically inexpensive and should last up to two years with the purchase of a brand new watch. Even after your loved one’s watch has begun to age, the battery should only need to be replaced about once every fourteen to eighteen months.

They’re Thoughtful

Giving a watch as a gift to your loved one says a lot of things — it tells them that you appreciate their sense of style and have taken the time to choose an accessory they will enjoy wearing. It shows that you care about their hectic schedule and respect their desire for something that’s as practical as it is breathtaking, and that you were willing to invest in a gift that will last them a lifetime.


They Go With Everything

Since watches are available in almost any shape, size, color and design, it’s surprisingly easy to find one that will complement nearly any wardrobe. Watches are perfect for everyday wear, business casual attire and black tie affairs, so this accessory is a great all-purpose accessory. Large, bold models make an exciting statement, while smaller models are more refined and elegant. A rose gold watch encrusted with rhinestones makes a timeless addition to pastel outfits, and models like the luminoxMen’s 3051 BO are effortlessly suave and pair well with darker color schemes.

There aren’t many gifts that so elegantly combine style, practicality and personal expression in such a neat, refined package. Being infinitely customizable and serving an important purpose that anyone can benefit from, watches are an extremely thoughtful gift that can be appreciated for many years. No matter who you’re shopping for, it’s important to keep in mind your loved one’s personal style and what they’re hoping to get out of a watch; if you’re ever unsure of what they want, don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out what they would enjoy wearing.

In some cases, it may even be better to tell your loved one that you plan to buy them a gift — doing so allows you to deliberate together, meaning you’re certain to find them exactly the watch they want.