Houston, we have a problem! While many of you will be familiar with that famous phrase, you need not relate it to your time in this fantastic city. As the largest city in the largest city in the largest state (contiguous), it should come as no surprise that you will need to plan your trip here well in advance.

Houston area, A Complete Guide On How To Plan A Trip To Houston Area, Days of a Domestic Dad

Plan A Trip To Houston Area

However, with its immense size comes immense opportunity to have fun, become intrigued, and simply marvel at one of America’s most exciting metropolises. This post will cover some of the main attractions to see and do, as well as provide a few tips for making your trip even more enjoyable.

Think About Where You Want To Stay

The Houston area is vast. With well over 2 million residents and an area of over 670 square miles (the greater metropolitan area covers more area than the entire state of New Jersey), it is easy to get lost in the sheer amount of places to stay.

Therefore, if you want your trip to go swimmingly, you should prepare your accommodation in advance. When looking for the best areas to lay down your luggage, you will have to consider what you want to get from your experience. Along with its massive size and population come a variety of different environments. Some of the top spots for travelers include:

  • Montrose: If you like the hipster vibe, then Montrose could be the place for you. That hipster moniker is not meant to be derogatory as Monstrose includes numerous fun places to visit, from upscale restaurants to an exciting nightclub scene.
  • Downtown: Downtown is perfect for those of you who want to get right into the thrust of Houston life. Nevertheless, there are plenty of green spaces to use an oasis and recharge your batteries before heading back into the deep, even with the Downtown bustle.
  • Uptown: You have to love these names! Uptown is conveniently enough, located west of Downtown, and is considered the more upscale part of the city. Home to expansive shopping areas and restaurants, you won; ‘t be left wanting.
  • The Heights: This area might be more suitable for families with younger children as it is slightly more subdued than other areas. 
  • East Downtown: Here is another downtown area, but this time in the East! Also known as EaDo, it is a beautiful place to catch the numerous cultural events that bless the city.

Pack For The Season

Houston weather is a significant factor in the planning of any trip. Houston’s climate is subtropical, which means it has a hot and humid summer, mild winters, and warm springs and falls. It is also prone to hurricanes during the summer months. Therefore, if you plan on visiting during the summer months, you should pack accordingly. This means light clothing and possible waterproofs. The hottest month is August which has logged highs of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, with the coldest being January at a maximum of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. The wettest is July so, it might be wise to avoid this month if you want to experience the outdoors. 

Getting Around the Houston Area

Although the Houston area isn’t world-renowned for its public transportation (it is definitely a car city), it does have some useful mass transit options. These include METRO buses and the METRORail, which are more valuable than you might imagine. It is essential to know the best route to take if you decide to use METRORail. The red route will meet your needs much better than any other as a traveler. This route links up Downtown, Midtown, and the Museum District. If you plan on using public transport extensively, you should consider getting a day pass Q card, which provides unlimited one-day use for only $3, a bargain and perfect for traveling on a budget.

Houston area, A Complete Guide On How To Plan A Trip To Houston Area, Days of a Domestic Dad

Make A List Of Attractions You Want To Visit

Houston has a lot to see and do, and if you want to make good use of your time, it is recommended to plan ahead. You can use some of the suggestions here if you’re stuck on ideas.

Houston Area Zoo

It is a beautiful attraction to visit no matter how you travel, and local residents also enjoy it. It also happens to be the second-largest zoo in the country and is home to over 6,00-0 animals, all expertly cared for by conservation specialists.

Johnson Space Center

If you don’t understand what that phrase in the intro meant, you should visit the space center to learn more! Houston space center has a fascinating history behind it, including its role in the Apollo missions that landed on the moon. 

Visit The Museum District

The Houston Museum District comprises 19 museums, cultural institutions, and historical sites, with most being completely free to enjoy.

Eat, Eat, And Eat!

You can do plenty of things in a city composed of South Americans, African Americans, and Europeans. However, the most prominent attraction is to sample the wide range of international cuisine that is available in this city. 

Houston area is a vast and sprawling metropolis where it is easy to get lost if you don’t have a plan. However, its size also gives it a unique character unlike anywhere else in the world. Nonetheless, If you plan and take the time to select the places you want to visit, your trip will be a huge success.

Houston area, A Complete Guide On How To Plan A Trip To Houston Area, Days of a Domestic Dad