Disclosure: I am partnering with Kellogg’s for the #KChamps program for 2014. Even though I am compensated, all opinions expressed are my own. #CerealandMilk

Does your family have a special tradition for the holiday season? What about giving back or helping the less fortunate? We as a family have recently started reaching out and giving to the local homeless people in Downtown Dallas. Surprisingly, each time we make the forty five minute downtown, we are greeted with smiles and happy stories. The last two months, we have had a group of twenty-plus volunteers to hand out cloths, food, water, and warm hugs.

Feeding the homeless kelloggs 2

Giving Cereal and Milk

This month, December we are going back with all sorts of goodies and donations that each one of our families came up with. So, the girls, Jaden and Jaci, wanted to do something more their style that always puts a smile on their face. We hit our local store to pick up stuff to make breakfast care packages, Kellogg’s cereal in a cup, shelf stable milk, spoons, and easy to peel oranges.

#CerealandMilk #KChamps

The girls loved stuffing everything into the gallon Ziploc bags, which are reusable for later, and handy to have.

#CerealandMilk #KChamps

One of the most beneficial services that could be bestowed upon civilization is to make the lives of little children happier, healthier and more promising for their adult years. – Will Keith Kellogg

#CerealandMilk #KChamps

After packing up the breakfast care packages, both girls were excited, knowing that they were sharing something they came up with. Both love having their bowl of cereal every morning, with Jaden loving Frosted Flakes, and Jaci always ready to eat Fruit Loops.

#CerealandMilk #KChamps

 Someday I’ll be in a position to help people to help themselves. – Will Keith Kellogg

Feeding the homeless kelloggs 3

Breakfast is Served

Upon arriving outside the downtown soup kitchen, we were greeted like always. New, and old friends ask us how we are doing this holiday season. We shared a few stories, and handed out our care packages, along with some cloths.

Feeding the homeless kelloggs

After coming downtown for the past couple months, we have all come to love serving the folks here. We enjoy dressing up to fit the holiday of the month, and share the items we have brought along with us. The cereal and milk breakfast care package was a hit, the only thing wrong is that we didn’t have enough. My friend James, was one of the first to get served, and said he hasn’t cereal in forever. He could wait to tear into his Kellogg’s Fruit Loops!

If you haven’t ever thought about serving or helping out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, I would highly recommend it. It may not seem like a glories experience, but the smiles on the receiving end are worth it all.