DODD Disclosure

Is your favorite football team doing well this season? I read the other day that five to ten NFL teams aren’t looking good the rest for year. Me, I am pulling a Texas comeback! Either from the Dallas Cowboys or the Houston Texans! Speaking of the Houston Texans, I am excited to share we are going to meet wide receiver Deandre Hopkins at a local Fiesta Mart. Hopkins was drafts in 2013 as a rookie from Clemson University, and has been with the Texans ever since.

DeAndre Hopkins

We are going to talk all things football and tailgating! I am hopping to get the scoop on his tailgate traditions and pre-game rituals. Even though I am not a big time wide receiver on a professional football team, I to have my own tailgate and pre-game ritual.  I like to make sure I am free and clear of any flakes with Head & Shoulders, and fresh smelling with a little Old Spice in the right place.

What is your go to tailgate dish? Is it a mess? For us, we like ribs! Yep Ribs, we love digging into some messy slabs of ribs before the game starts. One thing have to have while tailgating, is a Tide to Go pen and plenty  Bounty Paper Towls.

Fiesta event

Are you in the Houston area on December 9th?

If so, come meet Staci and I that Tuesday:

  • December 9, 2014 (meet-and-greet with Deandre Hopkins):
  • Fiesta Mart
  • 8320 FM1960, Houston, TX
  • 3:00 – 5:00pm

If you can’t end up making it! Be sure to come back and visit for pictures from the event and we will be giving away some awesome stuff.