If your child has a very creative side and is always using their imagination to its fullest, you have probably already imagined them in a creative career once they are older. Do you have an idea of the kind of job your child might be interested in?

child coloring with map pencils - holiday

You might be able to get an idea based on what their current creative hobbies are, such as storytelling, doodling, or dressing up.

Here are some awesome creative careers that you might want to inspire your child to go into.


Your child may already be interested in painting and creating colorful masterpieces. Why not encourage them to turn this passion into a career as an artist? With so many mediums available, such as oil paints, watercolors, and digital art software, there are endless possibilities for your child to explore their creativity. Try to encourage them to paint, draw, and color from a very young age by providing them with coloring books and art supplies. There are even free Pokemon coloring pages available online that your child can use to practice their skills and explore different techniques. You may also find free art classes or workshops in your community that can help them develop their skills even further.

Father and daughter dressed up as Mr. Incredible and Batman


Does your child love the latest Hollywood blockbuster or Disney animation? Well, imagine how amazing it would be if they were producing high stakes films such as these later in their life.

If you are lucky, they may even invite you to their premiers! If your child does show an interest in film and cinema, then it is worth them taking up film studies at college to try to gain a basic understanding of filmmaking. If they have the equipment to do so, they could also try to make their own videos and short films in their spare time, which will help them create a portfolio.


If you love reading stories together with your child, then you might inspire them to want to be a writer or author. Another sign that this is what they are destined to become is if they are constantly coming up with their own stories and characters.

You should try to encourage them to write as much as possible, as this will help them develop their writing and storytelling skills. Once they have some good stories, they can start to enter them into short-story competitions. When they go onto high school, it’s important that they work hard in their English classes so that they can develop their writing even further.

Life Coach

If your child shows an interest in helping others, then a career as a life coach may be the perfect fit. You might be wondering, what is life coaching? As a life coach, your child would help others to set and achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and make positive changes in their lives. In addition to being personally fulfilling, a career as a life coach can also be financially rewarding. Best of all, your child can choose to work with clients of all ages, from adolescents to adults. By encouraging your child to become a life coach, you can help them to find both success and satisfaction in their work.

Art Curator

You don’t have to be an artist to work in art. If your kids love art but aren’t that interested in creating their own artworks, they might want to think about becoming an art curator. Curators work in galleries and decide on which exhibitions and exhibits to bring into the space. They will also decide on how all of the exhibits will be showcased and the exact layout of the exhibition. It’s the curator’s job to ensure that all gallery visitors learn about each artist and their work on display, so it’s a great jobs for people who want to spread their love of art.

Fashion Designer

If your child is constantly putting on different clothes and costumes and trying to dress up with you and your partner’s clothes, then they might make a good fashion designer when they are older. They will be able to take a fashion course at college to learn this trade. Eventually, their clothes might appear on the top catwalks in Paris and Milan!

There are so many great creative careers that you might want to inspire your child to go into. The ones above are just a few ideas!

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