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How many of you wanted to be a veterinarian when you were a child? According to a national survey, the desire to become a veterinarian is the number one career choice of tweens and teens. This means that one in every five students wants to one day become a vet.

junior vet camp

Junior Vet Camp

In our house, 3 out of 5 of our children have at one point expressed a desire to become a vet. They love animals and have such a passion for their welfare. Even our 12 year old daughter, the only daughter yet to proclaim being a veterinarian professionally, is wildly passionate about any inhumane treatment of animals. If I even pretend to scold our dog she comes after me.

It has been found that the love of animals is a very powerful and motivating passion that begins early in future veterinarians. I can definitely understand this after seeing our kids love for their canine family members. To help students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, pet nutrition company Royal Canin and Vet Set Go are teaming up, for the second year, to launch the 2018 “Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest.”

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The 2018 Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest offers sixth through eighth grade students the chance to win a coveted spot at Auburn University’s Junior Vet Camp. To enter, students share their personal story at on why they want to become a veterinarian and include a photo of them helping or enjoying time with animals.

Teaching children to be KINDER to animals TODAY, is our only hope for a KINDER world TOMORROW. – one voice for animal rights

Three grand prize winners will be chosen to attend the camp to learn about veterinary medicine first-hand in classrooms, laboratories, and outdoor facilities. These dedicated students will learn about public health, food animals, wildlife, anatomy, x-rays, and first aid, as well as gain valuable mentoring about veterinary science careers while on the campus.

Junior Vet Camp 2017

It’s an incredible opportunity for students thinking about becoming a veterinarian because they get hands on experience with animals, training from experts – and it’s a sold out camp every year. In fact, it’s is one of the most prestigious in North America. The experience they gain at the camp will be invaluable and could accelerate their dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

junior vet camp

Do you know an aspiring child that wants to go to junior vet camp?

Auburn University’s Junior Vet Camp runs from July 15-20, 2018 in Auburn, Alabama. The 2018 Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest prize package includes free tuition, meals and housing. Interested students can enter at now through May 4, 2018. Good luck!