Every golfer has to start somewhere, and like any sport, learning to play golf requires patience, practice, and persistence. Golf is a difficult game to master which results in many beginners throwing in the towel before they’ve even had the chance to perfect their stance or work on their swing to play better golf.

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Equipment That Every Golfer Needs

While tuition and practice can help you get the fundamentals right, having the right equipment can also give you the confidence to perform better on the course. You might have some clubs, tees, and balls ready, but this post explores some of the other equipment that every budding golfer should invest in. Read on to find out more. 

Golf Gloves

One of the most important suggestions on this list is a good pair of golf gloves that fit well and feel comfortable. It is important to have gloves that fit properly because they help create more friction and tackiness between your hands and the golf grip meaning you will get a more precise swing. In contrast, ill-fitting gloves will impede your grip and negatively affect your swing. Once you find the perfect pair, invest in a few extras to store away.


A great piece of equipment is a laser rangefinder. This useful little gadget is used to keep accurate yardages and collect your club data far more accurately by taking out any of the guesswork. It will effectively and efficiently gauge how far you will need to hit the ball without having to do the mental math yourself. You can record the average distance that you hit with certain clubs and never again will you have to hunt down yardage signs on the course.

Divot Repair Tool

A two-pronged divot tool helps you to repair those nasty pitch marks that you cause when you hit the ball and lift up tufts of grass.

Padded Straps

If you do not have a caddy then you know yourself how important it is to have reliable, padded straps to help make walking the course as relaxing as possible. Try fitting your golf bag with a double strap or use a backpack-style strap to evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders and alleviate any back or shoulder pain that you might get from a long day of golfing.

Golf Headcovers

Clubs nowadays are made with strong metal alloys and so they can withstand a lot more than the old wooden clubs, but this does not mean they are indestructible. Clubs can easily get damaged in transit as they get jostled around and hit one another causing nicks and scuffs. If you want to make your clubs last or maybe you are thinking of reselling them at some point, then you need to try and maintain their condition. One way to keep your clubs in good shape is to invest in quality golf club headcovers. These covers will offer padded protection to prevent that annoying clatter as well as any unwanted damage over the course of their use. You may just want to get one cover for your favorite club or a full matching set.

Club Brush

A club brush is made with thick nylon bristles and using this to clean your clubs will ensure you have better ball contact by clearing out the grooves of the club faces and removing any dirt or debris.

Missed anything? What are your go-to golf essentials?

Equipment That Every Golfer Needs, Equipment That Every Golfer Needs, Days of a Domestic Dad