The next twelve months could offer up a plethora of new and exciting ways to enjoy golf at clubs and resorts. New technology, more entertainment options, a variety of new events and activities are amongst the many ways resorts and clubs are looking at investing in their members and visitors in 2020.

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The world seems to be taking an even bigger interest in golf, especially with the Olympics, the Ryder Cup and many other competitions getting more and more coverage on the growing list of sports channels and social media platforms worldwide. With more people than ever being exposed to the sport, there is a great opportunity for clubs and resorts to experiment with new ways to keep members and players happy while introducing new people to the game.

In this article, we take a look at some of the exciting golf trends we might be seeing more of next year.

Dancing on the green?

Maybe not to the taste of purists, a more divisive option for many but certainly something we may start to see more of is music on the golf course. Technology today allows us to get speakers outside via Bluetooth connections and new, multi directional speakers allow for sound to be delivered effectively outside. The sticking point, of course, will be what tunes get airtime that will suit the tastes of all concerned; but we can definitely see how this might appeal to clubs during a membership drive to appeal to new audiences and get people on board who may otherwise have not engaged with the sport.

Healthier (and trendier) food options.

Gone are the days when the discerning golfer might have been satisfied with a hot dog and a tepid cup of coffee. Today’s demands are increasingly varied and complex. Clubs, resorts and event planners are continually trying to upscale their food and beverage offerings to include vegan options, hipster friendly coffees, craft beers and complicated cocktails. This approach looks set to expand as it appeals not only to the millennial and generation Z golfers but to the health conscious players too.

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Three hole tournaments?

It worked for cricket with the introduction of the speedier and arguably more engaging (if an instant fix is your defining metric), twenty/twenty version of the game, so why not with golf too? Tournaments from three to nine holes in length are seeing a huge increase in polarity as they can be completed in as little as two hours. Perfect for an afternoon fix when you can’t manage to get the whole day off work and far more accessible to the novice who has yet to develop an 18 hole style stamina.

Increased use of technology

As the technology gets more sophisticated, so the options to integrate them into the sport to give gofers a better experience become apparent. A particularly cool use of tech that seems to be becoming more popular is streaming content and information to the GPS golf carts. Not just music, live scores, adverts and game data, but also connecting players and administrators across the course with instant messaging and social media connections.

There is an old adage in golf; that you have to play the ball where it lies, and that is certainly true but there’s also nothing wrong with using the latest tech to give you an edge in competition and help you improve your game. There is always a new and exciting gadget on the market designed to help you knock down your handicap a little bit, the trick is to filter out the useful items from the stocking fillers.

Everything from portable golf simulator, or the latest golf GPS range finders, to the latest putter, and golf gps watch.

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Broader range of corporate activities.

Golfing makes for a great way to get the team out of the office and playing cooperatively together outside. We are seeing clubs and resorts starting to offer a variety of exciting and fun activities; our favorite idea is driving off from a flatbed truck, but ideas could include instant prizes or competitions, anything brief and fun that doesn’t hold up play. This can be allied to an organization’s social responsibility policy, allowing for charity games and fundraising for local causes.

The Latest Golf Attire Fashions on the Golf Course

What golf attire do you sport on the golf course? If the fashion golf trends that appeared at the 2019 PGA fashion show were any indication, we can expect to see some pretty snazzy golf attire (a big shout for a sport that encourages pink trousers) over the next twelve months. The buzzword was functionality, including shirts designed to adjust and align the wearer’s posture, head, neck and spine. If that leads to less pain and more mobility then it should be a swinging success.