Auto Disclosure

I had so much fun driving the Toyota GR Supra recently. This car is so sporty and aerodynamic with a boatload of power to match the design. It felt like I was finally getting a chance to drive a race car. And, that is exactly what Toyota had in mind when conceiving of and building this car.

Designed from Nature

The designers of the GR Supra 3.0 definitely had a 3-dimensional vision when putting pen to paper. The body of this car is like a sculpture. The artists and engineers took great care to make sure the Supra looked as though it were made in nature with the combination of flowing solid forms and thoughtfully carved negative spaces. This car is definitely a head spinner.

Power and Performance

The GR Supra’s compact transmission is 8-speed. The transmission is precisely placed to help optimize the overall center of gravity for accurate handling.

The signature 3.0 liter, 6 cylinder engine is 335 horsepower with 365 lb./ft. of torque. Smart technologies are built-in to maximize performance. These include a twin-scroll turbocharger, variable valve timing and electric wastegate, instant response, and electronically controlled rear differential.

While this vehicle is designed for speed, the GR Supra offers Normal and Sport driving modes. Normal Mode is perfect for tooling around town. With the press of a button, you can switch to Sport Mode for higher speed driving with optimal response. This is an adrenaline rush.

Premium Features

The 2020 GR Supra’s LED rear taillights are a sign of the future. The front end is adorned with the Supra’s signature 6 lens LED headlights with the Automatic High Beam 60 feature.

The double-bubble roof, inspired by the classic Toyota 2000 GT, allows for more head room inside. It also optimizes air flow by reducing drag outside.

The interior also boasts of an 8.8 inch, high-resolution display that is nestled into the GR Supra’s gauge pod. A 3-D tachometer sits prominently in the center. This displays engine speed and current gear selection. The displays can be customized to show navigation, current speed, and your entertainment selection.

The 3.0 Premium package includes a leather-wrapped, tilt/telescopic steering wheel for easy and comfortable controllability. The paddle shifters are mounted on the steering column to give you even more control over the car’s power.

The advanced entertainment and navigation systems include Supra Connect, Apple CarPlay® compatibility, Qi-compatible wireless charging, Head-Up display, fully integrated navigation, and more.

Bottom Line

I could go on and on with what Impressed me about this car. The bottom line is that the Toyota 2020 GR Supra 3.0 Premium is a state-of-the-art machine that is artfully designed and built for speed. While I am not generally driving on a race track, I really enjoyed the chance to test out this car on the open road. It is a beautiful thing and drives with precision.