Disclosure: I received a Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range from Best Buy in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

The Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range with Dual Door and WiFi connectivity is the appliance to use when needing ultimate convenience. Think of cooking for a large family or company and the hassle of an oven that does not have sufficient oven space or an oven that is very inconvenient. Luckily with the Samsung 5.8 cu Ft. Flex Duo, cooking has never been more convenient with the removable smart divider that allows for two dishes to be cooking at once! Also, this innovative new oven has efficient burners to allow for cooking on the stovetop. This appliance is truly perfect for any home, and cooking for a group or people whether it be family or friends.

Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range Top

Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range

There are many great innovative features that come with this appliance such as the smart divider, dual doors, kitchen timer, and slide in design. The Samsun 5.8 cu ft. Flex Duo has a variety of innovative features that improve the quality and efficiency of the appliance. Though the best feature for this product is the WiFi connectivity. This allows you to cook anywhere you want and control your oven using your smartphone! The WiFi connectivity allows you to control your oven from anywhere you want, and turn your oven on and off. If you accidentally left your oven on before you left the house you would be able to turn it off using your smart phone. This is by far the best feature, because it makes cooking much more convenient.

Samsung Smart Home

Using the Samsung 5.8 cu ft. Flex Duo makes cooking more efficient than it has ever been. Not only does the oven have a triple burner, but it also allows you to cook two totally different dishes at the same time at different temperatures. This makes cooking large meals efficient and convenient! Instead of having to wait to cook dishes you can simply cook them all at the same time, and this oven has enough space to cook numerous dishes. Also, cleaning the Samsung 5.8 cu Ft, Flex Duo is extremely easy, because it comes with a self steam clean feature to remove the hassle of cleaning the oven. No longer do you have to stress about cleaning the oven, because this oven cleans itself for you! So, not only is using this appliance convenient but it is also convenient to clean. When it comes to appliances convenience and efficiency are always important factors.

Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range Oven

When it comes to great appliances, only the best products should be recommended. This appliance is no doubt perfect for large families, and anyone who enjoys to cook with amazing convenience.The Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range offers a kitchen a tasteful modern look accompanied with fantastic convenience. This is the perfect appliance for any kitchen, and has many outstanding innovative features. This appliance is highly recommended for all kitchens and has received raving reviews.

Samsung Flex Duo Electric Range Oven

The modern design allows for complete efficiency and there are two colors to choose from: Black Stainless and Stainless Steel. Both styles give a kitchen a modern look while providing for an easy and convenient cooking experience. There is no doubt why the Samsung 5.8 cu ft. Flex Duo is recommended by all for every kitchen, and gives every user a convenient and fantastic cooking experience.

When it comes to cooking for your family or just a group of friends you want to be able to cook with ease. No longer do you want to have to take extra time, so that you can cook two separate dishes. The ultimate cooking experience is getting the cooking done easily, with convenience, and fast. The Samsung 5.8 cu ft. Flex Duo makes for the ultimate cooking experience, and you will be able to get all of the cooking done at once. No more waiting hours to cook multiple dishes when you can now cook them all at once! Plus, you do not even have to worry anymore about being in the kitchen to control your oven when you can do so anywhere you wish using your smartphone. With this new modern design and countless innovative features, who would not want to use the Samsung 5.8 cu ft. Flex Duo in their kitchen?

With this new modern design and countless innovative features, who would not want to use the Samsung 5.8 cu ft. Flex Duo in their kitchen?