If you have ever watched a game of golf, then you have likely seen an electric or gas golf cart out on the green. Electric Golf carts are used to transport people and golfing equipment around a golf course and are a convenient option in spaces like these.

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Electric Golf Carts

However, there are a lot of things people do not know about electric golf carts. So, here are some surprising facts about them.

Americans Use Golf Carts More

Golf carts were invented by and for American golfers and they remain an important part of the American golf game. Did you know that American golfers use their golf carts six times more than English golfers?

British golfers rarely use a golf cart unless they are physically disabled. Many of them say that walking around the golf course is an important part of the game.

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Golf Carts Have Been Used Off the Green

As golf carts have become more popular, their designs and utility have also changed. Golf cart manufacturers have come up with golf cart utility vehicles that are fitted with utility tires and even 4-wheel drive.

Utility also means that the golf cart must have a reliable battery to power its electric motor. A quality golf cart battery assures you’ll be able to move around even long distances with no worries about running out of energy or overheating.

These golf carts are meant to be used to traverse different types of terrain and support people and workers in different situations.

Are Gas Golf Cart Better?

Most people are used to the quiet, electric golf carts that you find at most golf courses. However, there are gas golf carts that can be filled with gasoline.

They are much louder than their electric counterparts and are bad for the environment. They do not have to be charged though.

A majority of people are used to seeing golf carts on the green and so it might be surprising to find out that golf carts can be street legal.

There are a handful of cities around the world where there are dedicated golf cart streets and roadways. Many of these are meant to ease traffic and improve mobility around the cities.

If you want to drive a golf cart in your city or town, you need to find out what makes a golf cart street legal and ensure you fulfill all the requirements before taking your golf cart out on the streets.

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You Can Still Have an Accident

Some may argue that since golf carts are not strictly classified as cars, they are not as harmful. This is not entirely right because it is possible to get into an accident when driving an electric golf cart.

Many of these accidents stem from people standing when riding in one, exceeding the maximum number of passengers allowed, and not following traffic laws when they decide to drive them on the streets.

You Can Get a DUI

If you decide to drive a golf cart on the streets, ensure that you do not do so when drunk.

Apart from the increased possibility of getting into an accident, a police officer can pull you over and give you a DUI if you drive a golf cart while drunk.

No matter how funny this scenario may seem, the DUI is real and you will be fined or jailed.

Golf Carts are the Product of World War II

World War II brought with it a massive gasoline shortage. Merle Wilson came up with the idea of small electric cars that could not be affected by the gasoline shortage. And so, golf carts were born.

Exclusive Parking

Some states in the United States, including California and Florida, have exclusive parking for golf carts. Some of these parking spaces are even mandated by local laws.

While they may seem like fun means of transportation, there is a lot that most people do not know about golf carts.