Men can be hard to shop for. As a result, many women wind up defaulting to gift cards, socks, or even underwear as Christmas stocking stuffers. While these aren’t necessarily bad gifts, there are better stocking stuffers out there! To help you out, here are 25 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men!

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25 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men!

25 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

1. DVDs/Blu-rays- Everyone loves movies! DVDs/Blu-rays of favorite movies and TV shows make great gifts, as do movies and shows your gift recipient hasn’t yet seen but might like.

2. Candy- You can’t go wrong with candy!

3. Trail Mix/Nuts/Energy Bars- Energy filled snacks are great stocking stuffer ideas for men, especially men who have physically tough day jobs and need a mid-day energy boost.

4. Books- Books are always a good idea! There are many fiction and humor books out there that are small enough to fit in a stocking!

5. Office Supplies- Office workers always enjoy supplies that can make their desk more organized, or that fix common office problems.

6. Cologne- Women aren’t the only ones who like to smell nice!

7. Bumper Stickers- How about bumper stickers for a certain sports team? Or maybe those little stickers you can put together to represent your family?

8. Car Maintenance Supplies- Is your gift recipient a car enthusiast? Then they might enjoy some more of their favorite car maintenance supplies like oil or a small car washing brush.

9. Wallet- Wallets get worn out with time, so new wallets make great gifts!

10. Tools- Does the man you’re buying for like to do DIY projects? New tools are wonderful stocking stuffer ideas for men!

11. Phone Case- A funny, cool, or extra sturdy phone case can be a great gift!

12. Car Cell Phone Charger- If your recipient’s phone is always dying during travel, they could use a car cell phone charger!

13. Golf Supplies- Golf enthusiasts can always using more balls and tees!

14. Watch- Most men would love to find a nice dress watch in their stocking! And athletic men would appreciate a watch that has fitness functions like a pedometer.

15. Camping Gear- Campers always need more supplies. And there are many innovative camping gadgets that can fit in a stocking!

16. Baseball Hat- Hats supporting teams make good gifts. You could also make a custom hat on Zazzle!

17. Fishing Supplies- Anyone with a fishing hobby is easy to shop for, as they appreciate new lures, hooks, and other such supplies!

18. Utility Knife- Even if a man isn’t outdoorsy, he still could use a good multi-purpose utility knife!

19. Cell Phone Stylus- Does your gift recipient’s phone have stylus capabilities? Then this could be a really handy gift!

20. Magazines- No matter your recipient’s interests, there has to be a magazine out there that they’d like!

21. Headphones- New headphones (especially ones with extra features, like noise-canceling) make good stocking stuffer ideas for men!

22. Gloves- Everyone needs gloves, especially touchscreen gloves that let you use your phone with the gloves on!

23. Shaving Supplies- How about including some fancy shaving supplies like a nice bristle brush or beard oil?

24. Video Games/Computer Games- Gamer guys love to get the newest games for their consoles, handheld game consoles, or their computers!

25. Keychain- Any man with a home or car has keys, so why not give them a nice key chain to put their keys on?

What stocking stuffers do you usually give to men?