Stumped on what to get for a woman’s Christmas stocking? While some women are very easy to shop for, with others the process is a bit tricky. To make things easier for you, here are 25 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women!

25 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

25 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

1. Bath Bombs- Many women love to relax in a hot bath. This will make their bath in even more luxurious!

2. Jewelry- You can never go wrong with giving a woman jewelry!

3. Clutch- Some women prefer to use clutches instead of purses. Luckily a clutch fits easily in a stocking!

4. Makeup- Lipstick, eye shadow, blush, you name it, you can easily fill up a stocking with different makeup supplies!

5. Perfume- Perfume is always one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for women! Just try to stick with a brand/scent you know your gift recipient usually likes.

6. Sachets- Women love to use pretty scented sachets to make their car, home, or closet smell great!

7. Jewelry Organizer- If you need stocking stuffer ideas for women that have a lot of jewelry, you should consider getting them a ring stand or small necklace/bracelet stand.

8. Picture Frame- Even though most photos are now displayed on the Internet, women still like to print out their favorite photos and put them on display!

9. Phone or Tablet Cover- A cute new smartphone or tablet cover makes a great gift!

10. Wireless Mouse- Anyone who always is using a laptop’s touchpad can appreciate the convenience of a wireless mouse!

11. Keychain- A great stocking stuffer for any woman is a cute keychain. If they already have a nice keychain, get them a keychain charm!

12. Small Kitchen Gadgets- If you’re getting stocking stuffers for a woman that loves to cook, she’d probably appreciate small kitchen gadgets that make common cooking tasks easier.

13. Magnets or Pushpins- A woman that spends a lot of time organizing her life on a magnetic whiteboard or traditional corkboard would love to get some cute things to pin her notes with!

14. Fun Desk Toys- Some women that work in offices like to add little fun toys to their desk!

15. Collectible statues, small vintage items, and precious stones make great stocking stuffer ideas for women! You can see more at Toynk for collectibles such as Golden Girls wine glass and Friends home decor.

16. Chocolate- Most women love chocolate! Just make sure you’re not getting dark or white chocolate if your gift recipient is a milk chocolate fan.

17. Slippers- You can fit a cozy pair of slippers in most stockings!

18. Coffee Cup/ Teacup- If you’re filling the stocking of an avid coffee drinker, a pretty coffee cup is sure to be appreciated! And if she likes tea, then get her a cute teacup!

19. Notebook- Many women like to journal, or use a notebook to write down to-do lists. Aspiring novelists especially like to use notebooks to collect their ideas!

20. Scented Candle- Who doesn’t want their home to smell nice? Women also sometimes like to light candles to add ambiance to a relaxing bath.

21. Small Book- Not all books are the same size! Many humor and romance books are available as small paperbacks.

22. Tea Ball- Nowadays, many women are into loose leaf tea. Which means that tea balls make good stocking stuffer ideas for women!

23. Hair Accessories- Any woman who often uses headbands, scrunchies, or hair clips would enjoy finding hair accessories in her stocking!

24. Fancy Soap- There are many stores online and offline that offer beautiful, colored bars of soap!

25. Sunglasses- Even the winter can be sunny! Luckily it’s not hard to find a stylish pair of sunglasses!

What do you usually give women as stocking stuffers?