Golf is a classy sport that requires a mix of physical fitness, technique, and concentration. It is ideal for busy dads who want to relax on the weekends or have short sessions at the end of busy workdays. You can plan a game with your gang or even make it a family outing.

male putting on a golf green

Hacks for Golf Loving Dads

The little ones love being on the greens, while teens can try their hand at the game.

While you can have a great time golfing, you need to gear up your style quotient to look like a man of style and substance. After all, you must do your best to give competition to the classiest men at the club.

Fortunately, golf style is easy to ace, and you need not spend a fortune on it. Here are some easy style hacks that golf loving dads can rely on. 

Pick according to your body type

When it comes to dressing to impress, following your body type is the key. Even the trendiest clothing will not look good if it does not align with your body shape.

Whether you are visiting a public golf course in Houston with your gang or planning to hit the greens with your family, choosing outfits that flatter your physique will make you look more stylish and confident on the course.

Daddies often struggle with weight woes, with midriff being the problem area.

You can pick the right clothes to minimize the mid-section effortlessly. Darker hues are the best ones for making you look slimmer and fitter. Also, keep it simple with contrasts as sticking with muted ones will help. As for adding color, you can play with vibrant golfing accessories like bags and caps.

Prioritize good fits

Apart from choosing according to your body type, always opt for the best fits when dressing for the greens. Good fits make you look good and also ensure comfort as you swing your shots. You have to be on the move all day, and uncomfortable fits can make things hard.

Remember to keep it trim and steer clear of oversized clothes. When it comes to fits, think beyond top and bottom wear. The rule applies to your shoes as well, because you cannot expect to walk around in a pair that bites your toes. Always look for the best brands because they offer quality that lasts.

Give attention to functionality

Golf dressing is as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics. You need the right belt that keeps your trousers or shorts in place. But avoid ones with large and heavy buckles because they look tacky and can weigh you down. A lightweight golf bag makes a perfect companion for long days.

You can use it to carry your clubs and gear and anything else you want to pack along. You may have to bring some extra stuff if planning a day out with kids, so ensure that the bag is spacious enough. The best thing about lightweight bags is that they are easy to carry around as you navigate the greens throughout the game.

Keep your style simple and subtle

Another style hack that golf-loving dads must stick with is to keep things simple and subtle. Look around, and you will not find a lot of vibrant colors because golfers prefer soft and subtle shades.

Loud is not the way to go because it will only attract attention for reasons other than your game. Prefer classic combos like white with black, navy, or grey. They look sleek and are evergreen, making them a worthy investment for your golf wardrobe. If you still want to introduce color, opt for lighter shades like cream and beige.

Love your labels

Golf is the sport of the elite, so you can expect to find brands and labels on the greens. Pick your favorite brands and create your signature style around them.

The good thing about loving your labels is that you will not have to struggle with size inconsistencies. You will know what size works for you with a specific brand, so shopping becomes much easier. Whether it is your outfits, shoes, or accessories, be loyal to your favorites.

But it is a good idea to try a new brand or trend once in a while. As long as a new brand blends with your signature style, there is no harm with experimentation.

A little effort with your golf dressing style can make you stand apart on the greens. You can follow these style hacks for the right start. Check your favorite celebrity’s style for more inspiration.

Finally, trust your instincts and stick with everything that looks good on you and makes you feel comfortable. You will surely look like a style icon when you step on the turf for your next game!