Finding the right present for your dad for Father’s Day can be tricky.  But if he is a fan of playing golf, then you have an easy bank of ideas to pull from for those presents. 

Father's Day Gifts, The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Golf Dads, Days of a Domestic Dad

Best Father’s Day Gifts

There are so many things you can buy a golf fan. From small gifts to big presents they will never forget and something for every occasion.  Here are some ideas to help inspire you.

Personalized golf balls

Any player will tell you there’s something simple and fun about having personalized golf balls with your name or initials on them.  And they are quite practical – no more arguments over whose ball landed were because everyone is using the same brand!

There are lots of places online where you can upload a name or other information and get printed, personalised golf balls created.  You can even choose things like a favourite (short) saying or a memorable date to have added to the ball.

You can even get a golf ball holder to fit on the side of his bag to show off the cool new golf balls!

New golf shirt

Every golfer needs a new shirt at least once a season.  Golf shirts are a little different to a normal polo shirt. They use clever materials and specific designs that help make the player more comfortable on the course.

You can check some of the best golf apparel out at Golfposer to get ideas of the latest styles and looks.  Then just take a peek in Dad’s wardrobe to see what size he is and what kind of shirts he usually wears. You can easily pick one from the range that will be a great Father’s Day gift for him.

Golfing sunglasses

For a slightly more expensive treat that will be both practical and stylish. Why not treat your father to a pair of golf sunglasses?  There are a few styles out there including some that are created by the players themselves. Like Henrik Stenson is one who has his own range.

These are more than just stylish sunglasses. They have light filtration, full protection from the sun’s UV rays and no optical distortion.  They reduce glare while ensuring the vision is perfect when wearing them so you can play when you have them on.  There are even anti-scratch coatings to protect them while in the pocket.

Father's Day Gifts, The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Golf Dads, Days of a Domestic Dad

Fun stuff off the course

Not all gifts need to be something that is directly used on the golf course. There are loads of golf-themed presents that any Dad would love and suit any budget.

One example is golf ball shaped ice cube trays.  There’s nothing better than nice ice cubes in a drink, whether that’s something alcoholic or just a fizzy drink.  Golf ball shaped ice trays are brilliant because the cubes come out round and have that dotted texture of a golf ball on them.

Another great present for the golfer is a monogrammed golf towel.  Golf towels are an important part of the golfer’s kit, used to keep clubs and balls dry and free from sweat.  A classy, monogrammed towel makes a fun and stylish Father’s Day gifts to add to his bag.

To add to the list, a golf dad hat is also best to gift on Father’s Day as this will surely be useful to your dad while playing golf. Golf dad hats help your dad protect his head from the heat of the sun. Therefore, this is something you need to consider in gifting your dad on Father’s Day.

Father's Day Gifts, The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Golf Dads, Days of a Domestic Dad

Golf pro lessons – Father’s Day Gifts

Nearly every golf club will have a golf pro in resident and lessons with the professional is a great present for Father’s Day.  You can book a lesson ahead of time as a gift or get a gift certificate.  

Or you can pre-pay for the lessons and let him book them when works.  The help and assistance with his game that he needs which increases his enjoyment of golfing for years to come!