Been trying to save water as much as possible? While it may now be second nature for you to turn the tap off as you brush your teeth, there are so many other ways you can save water.

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How to Save Water

In fact, there are lots of gadgets that help you save water, meaning you don’t have to be conscious every time you have a shower or wash the dishes.

The benefits of saving water include protecting the environment and keeping that bill at the end of the month to a minimum.

So with this in mind, here are x gadgets that help you save water.

1. Kool8 Water Bottle

Not many water bottles preserve the temperature of the contents, meaning that during the warmer months, the water loses its crisp taste. As a result, people are likely to pour it away and fill it up with fresh, cool water.

However, the Kool8 water bottle has special insulation technology that keeps the water inside cool all day long. Therefore, using this gadget prevents wasting valuable water and keeps you hydrated.

2. Water Pebble

The Water Pebble goes next to the plughole in your bath and shower. Its purpose is to measure how much water you use as you wash in the shower. It will also remember how much water you use every time you have a bath.

The Water Pebble flashes green at the start of your wash and will turn to an amber color as you use half the recommended amount of water. The Water Pebble then turns to red once you’ve used the total recommended amount.

While this may take the fun out of a bath or shower, it will certainly help you save water the next time you need one.

3. Bathwater Diverter

Want to save water on a budget? The bathwater diverter is the perfect gadget for you. It fits to the outer waste pipe and diverts your bath water to be used for other purposes around the house. For example, you can use it to reuse the water on your plants or grass in the garden.

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4. ECO Shower Drop

Staying on the theme of showers and baths, the ECO shower drop measures how much water you use and will tell you when it’s time to turn it off and get out. It comes with a meter that tells you exactly how much water you are using, so it’s great if you don’t actually know how much you use.

5. Tap Inserts

This gadget is similar to the above. Tap inserts measure how much water you use. This way, you don’t have to feel rushed when you brush your teeth or when you take a shower.

6. Water Sieve

This idea comes from Trend In Tech and it’s great. This sieve can be used to remove salt and turn it into drinking water. So, the next time you boil some potatoes in salty water, you can put it through this sieve and hydrate.

Of course, this can also be used for a greater purpose and help those without access to safe drinking water.

7. Toto Washer Toilet

The Toto Washer Toilet promotes recycling, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and helps you save water. It also acts as a cleaning device to provide a hot water nozzle, combined with an energy timer and an auto-flush system.

8. Laundry POD

This may not be a proper gadget, it can certainly help you save water, money and energy. Laundry PODs are portable washers that only require water, detergent and some elbow grease to turn the machine. 

The POD takes less detergent to clean your clothes compared to regular washing machines, while the detergent itself means you can drain the water in the grass when you’re done.

Note that anyone that plans on using the POD with regular detergent, the water can be drained down the sink or water basin. Further

Further, you can then hang the clothes on a line to dry for the ideal energy-saving experience.

9. Sowden Softbrew Coffee Pots

These have been voted as one of the Washington Post’s top ten best green gadgets. Sowden Softbrew Coffee Pots don’t use filters to produce single-serve coffee brews. This means you save on a lot of waste, including water, as the Sowden Softbrew uses a stainless steel micro-etched filter that contains thousands of microscopic holes.

Simply add how much coffee you want to the container pot, add hot water and allow it to steep for a few minutes. The only waste product is the coffee grounds, which you can then reuse as fertilizer.

10. Niagara Conversation Tri-Max Aerator

The Niagara Conversation Tri-Max Aerator is another gadget that helps you save water. An aerator saves water by mixing air into a faucet’s stream. This particular device comes with three different settings, each to be used for washing, soaping and rinsing respectively.

11. Droplet Sprinkler

The Droplet Sprinkler combines the latest in robotics technology and cloud computing. It allows you to control how much water you use on your lawn, minimizing water and energy output. The result is a 10% saving in water as well as potentially saving $250 in water a year.

The Droplet Sprinkler knows when, where and how much water your garden needs and will give it out evenly.

Simply hook your hose to the Droplet Sprinkler and configure the device for your personal needs. Head to the website to enter what plants you have in your garden and where they are located. 

12. Caroma Profile Smart 305

This final gadget that helps you save water is a sink-toilet hybrid designed to reduce your water consumption and add style to your bathroom at the same time.

The Caroma Profile Smart 305’s integrated rinse station for enhanced water savings; after flushing, fresh cold water is directed through the faucet for hand washing and drains into the tank to be used for the next flush.

It’s a highly efficient device and only uses 1.28 gallons of water per use.