Dealing with grief is never easy, and it’s certainly no simple fix. But, with the help of the best films and TV shows for coping with loss, perhaps you may get on the road to healing…

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Best Films and TV Shows

Losing a loved one is something no one can understand until they’ve been through it themselves. For some, the whole experience can be extremely overwhelming, and it may seem natural to hide away.

At first, this solution could work, but there comes a point when you must face up to what you’re feeling. Alongside dealing with your wills and probate solicitors, you’ll likely have to face the sympathy of friends, family, and co-workers. So, how can you more easily come to terms with what’s happened?

One effective coping mechanism for dealing with grief could be watching film and TV. This may seem simple, but having this distraction could work wonders on your mindset. So, for some of the best films and TV programmes worth trying if you’ve recently lost someone, read on…

How Can TV Help You to Cope with Grief?

You may be wondering, “how could watching television help me cope?” Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that this could have a profound effect on how you’re feeling in many ways, including:

  • A good old cry: nothing beats a good cry to release those emotions and make you feel better. That said, for many people dealing with grief, this won’t come straight away, and some coercion through good television may just do the trick.
  • Immersion: immersing yourself in someone else’s world, even for just a short while, can help to distract you from what you’re facing. This escape from the real world, even for a little while, could be just what you need to help you cope better.
  • Someone to relate to: films and TV shows often show famous faces experiencing loss, and these familiar faces going through something similar to you can be very comforting.
  • Helps you to come to terms with what happened: in some films and TV programmes, you may even witness the death itself. Although this won’t be nice, this blatant portrayal of loss may help you to come to terms with what has happened.
  • Helps you to understand your grief: to add to this, by watching someone else go through the stages of grief, this may help you to understand your grief better too.
  • A distraction: ultimately, spending an hour or more of your life watching something on TV could provide you with that little bit of change from the feelings you’re constantly feeling.
  • Can help you to laugh again: you don’t have to stick to shows about loss. A comedy could help you in a completely different way, through providing an escape with laughter.
  • Can help you to reach out: finally, film and TV has the amazing power to bring people together. Invite your friends over for a film night, or just engage with the people you live with through TV. No words are necessary; just each other’s company.
, Top 10 Best Films and TV Shows for Dealing with Grief, Days of a Domestic Dad

5 of the Best Films for Dealing with Grief

Starting with films, which could provide you with that short-term immersion into someone else’s world, what are some good ones to try? Well, some of the five best films to watch when grieving a loved one could include:

1.     P.S. I Love You

When Holly’s husband, Gerry, dies from a terminal illness, her world comes crashing down around her. How will she ever move on without the love of her life?

Well, little does she know that, as Gerry lay on his death bed, he left her with a series of letters to be opened after her 30th birthday. He has done some amazing things, including pre-ordering gifts to arrive for her, and pushing her to take on new experiences.

These letters, which seem to be Gerry coming back from the dead, help her to cope with what’s happened. Through encouraging her to strive forward, and even take on challenges she may never have done before, he equips her with life’s next steps. Through seeing Holly deal with her grief, this bittersweet movie could be exactly what you need.

2.     UP

We all love a bit of Disney every now and again, and UP is the perfect accompaniment if you want a little cry. When a 78-year-old man loses the love of his life, it seems he will live the rest of his life in sorrow.

That said, after viewing this initial story of love and loss, we then see Carl enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. He learns to love and laugh again, which could help anyone dealing with the loss of a soulmate; if he can do it, so can you.

3.     Ghost

Molly and Sam are living their life happily together, until Sam is brutally murdered in the street when a business deal goes wrong. Because of the betrayal behind his death, Sam is left as a spirit in the in-between, roaming the Earth for eternity.

With the help of a psychic, Oda Mae Brown, he manages to contact Molly once more. Through this experience, they both learn to let go, and move on in their own ways.

4.     What Dreams May Come

After Chris’s untimely death, it’s not over yet. On death, he is greeted by his spirit guide, who shows him that this after life can be anything he wants it to be.

But, when Chris’ wife is unable to live without him any longer, she commits suicide which sends her to hell. Despite his guide’s warnings, Chris sends himself on a mission to rescue her. It definitely won’t be as simple as he’d hoped.

For anyone trying to come to terms with where their lost loved one has gone, this could be the perfect remedy. By seeing Chris’ journey in this new world, your mind may be more likely to rest easy.

5.     Rabbit Hole

This story takes a little bit of a different turn to many other films we see on losing a loved one; the loss of a child is delved into. After the accidental death of their 4-year-old son, both of his parents wish to combat their loss in a different way. His father wants to keep little pieces of him to be reminded, but his mother’s wishes to make a completely fresh start.

When their relationship begins to fracture, and each of them bond with new people along the way, we see what grief can truly do to people. Through watching these grieving parents deal with the loss of someone so young, it may help you to cope with your own loss.

, Top 10 Best Films and TV Shows for Dealing with Grief, Days of a Domestic Dad

5 TV Shows for Dealing with Grief

Films are certainly a potential option for anyone dealing with grief. That said, if you really want to be immersed in someone’s story for a longer period, perhaps a series may work better? Some fantastic, tried and tested TV shows worth exploring for your loss could include:

1.     After Life

When Tony’s wife finally dies from the cancer which has been plaguing their lives for so long, his will to live completely disappears. He wants nothing more than to end it all; the only thing worth living for is his dog.

After nearly attempting suicide, he soon decides to take matters into his own hands. By helping others, maybe he can find a purpose once more. With critical acclaim, as well as masses of popularity amongst the general public, it’s clear that this series hits the nail on the head.


2.     This is Us

This is Us follows the story of a young couple who fall pregnant with triplets. Meanwhile, we are introduced to three adults in there 30s who aren’t necessarily winning at life. We soon discover that these three adults are actually the triplets the young couple have together.

As we watch the triplets grow up, we are shown how every childhood experience shapes their adult life. Through viewing both stages of life, and the ups and downs of growing up, even as an adult, we see how grief makes its way into the crevices of our lives. It shows us that even through the greatest trauma, great things are just around the corner.

3.     Fleabag

Fleabag surrounds the story of a woman who must navigate life whilst mourning the death of her best friend, Boo. Through viewing the world through the eyes of the protagonist’s monologue, we see the effects of grief first-hand. As she navigates the world of family, love and loss, we see the ways people carry on.

4.     Big Little Lies

When five women become involved in a murder investigation involving the death of a key character, lives are turned upside down. As we see how each woman handles the death, lies are spun, and emotions run high. Through seeing how each person is affected in different ways, the deep intricacies of grief are exposed.

5.     Dead to Me

When Jen’s husband is killed in a hit-and-run accident, it takes her a while before she decides group therapy might help. Here, she makes unlikely friends with free spirit, Judy. They bond so well, that Jen invites Judy to move into her guest house, but all is not what it may seem.

With series two of Dead to Me having just been released on Netflix in the UK, people have begun talking about it once more. Yes, it may take grief and loss to the extreme, but it also shows the raw sadness and anger that comes with losing a partner. What’s more, it truly shows that, by leaning on others during this tough time, something special may come out of it.

Ready to Watch Some Telly?

Feeling inspired to try out some TV therapy? Well, maybe these films and TV shows could be a great place to begin.

If you decide to give any of these a try, I’d love to hear what you think, in the comments below. Or, if you’re struggling with coming to terms with your grief, leave a comment down below also; our community could help you to thrive again.