Your cars are not just a great way to get from A to B, but a sign you’re moving up in the world!

It’s a great sign you’re excelling in your job, but should employers look for ways to make it even better? Yes, top-of-the-range vehicles might get more impressive every year, but could some well-placed technical extras sweeten the deal.

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Automotive Gadgets

The car gadget industry is growing with each year, filling shelves with some super creative and some not-so-useful accessories to make your drive smoother and more engaging. Let’s get you ready for your next shopping trip with four Automotive Gadgets every car needs to have.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is so much more than an invasion of privacy. It’s just good, safe business practice.

Transport and delivery companies have known of the benefits of versatile telematics and tracking tools for years, using them to evaluate driver performance and establish route efficiency on the go.

In competitive industries where a few seconds can be the difference between a customer choosing you over a competitor, businesses are constantly looking for ways to tweak their systems, improve attitudes towards productivity and breed collaboration. These tracking tools do just that, putting employee inefficiencies in front of them and encouraging insight from office-based logistics managers.

For individuals interested in optimizing their driving experience, new Fords in Milan, TN, come equipped with advanced telematics and tracking systems. These tools not only improve driver performance but also ensure route efficiency and enhance overall productivity. With real-time insights provided to both drivers and logistics managers, businesses can make informed decisions and foster a collaborative work environment, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in their respective industries.

While not strictly an Automotive Gadgets for your car, introducing vehicle tracking into your business can help you to:

  1. Gain a better understanding of how drivers utilize their time on the road.
  2. Feedback for future journeys to find faster routes.
  3. Highlight potential issues with your vehicles before they become permanent.

This saves money across the board, from travel for business meetings to insurance costs.

Find yours: If you’re looking to expand or already have a significant fleet of company cars to keep track of, iCompario compares vehicle tracking options sure to help you find something for your telematics needs. 

Rearview mirror with dash camera

Dash Cams

In the unfortunate event of an accident, you want evidence on hand to prove it wasn’t your fault.

Dash cams do just that, all while giving a second look at your on-road performance.

Insurance companies are becoming increasingly difficult to convince when it comes to proving your innocence at a crash scene, so having a comprehensive, visual backup is essential. With most models now recording in 4K, fitting your car with a dash cam leaves you with a high-quality file detailing your journey ready to transfer to your desktop or mobile device in seconds.

A tried and tested gadget that every driver and workforce should consider investing in.

Find yours: It isn’t much that dash cam manufacturers can do to really set themselves apart from competitors, but Auto Express’ comprehensive comparison list details the very best models available for 2021 models.

Kenu Airbase wireless phone charger

Wireless Charger

Considering we devote so much of both our personal and professional lives to smartphones these days, it makes sense to keep them fully charged at all times.

We live in a world where you always need to stay in contact, whether your business meeting overruns or you find yourself stuck in traffic. When deadlines are ticking closer, it’s not good enough to have an empty battery. Portable wireless chargers are just about the most important accessory for a modern workforce, whether you’re trying to declutter your office or win contacts on the road.

Compact USB chargers are flooding the market right now, with slimline, subtle designs that don’t mess with the sleek interior of your vehicles. Options such as the DIVI USB Charger allow you to simultaneously charge two devices without reducing charge speed.

What Are The Best Automotive Gadgets?

A premium, nifty little gadget every driver can quickly get the grips with and see the benefits of! Plus, it goes great with a hands-free device!

Find yours: The Digital Trends team has been demoing portable chargers since they landed on the market, including thorough video content to give you a greater perception of its size and style.

Cleaning and Emergency Kits

You wouldn’t turn up to a meeting or conference in a dirty suit, so why settle for a dirty car?

It might not be the most glamorous entry on this list, or even a gadget by the conventional definition, but portable cleaning products are a key part of keeping your company car up to snuff, if only visually.

Autoglym’s Bodywork, Wheels & Interior collection contains everything you could need to get your car looking (or staying) brand new before big negotiations, including bodywork shampoo, extra gloss protection, and alloy wheel sealant amongst many others. Alternatively, the DYSON V6 Car & Boot is one of the most comprehensive portable car vacuums on the market. Perfect for a little spruce when you get back to the office.

By the same token, emergency kits might not be the most glamorous gift for a frequent driver, but they might just prove essential in the event of an accident. Make sure you opt for a kit that includes:

  • Hi-Vis jacket
  • Foil blanket
  • Folding shovel
  • Rain poncho
  • Booster cables
  • First aid kit

Automotive Gadgets Honorable Mentions

A round of applause for these great Automotive Gadgets that aren’t as essential, but still very cool extras worth investing in in their own way:

Dashboard Screens

More and more new models are being released with these touchscreen pads built in every year, but even non-integrated models are worth picking up if you can afford them.

They make parking easier, give drivers a clearer picture of the action on the road behind them, and allow access to a number of features in a manner we’ve all become more accustomed to at home. Not just a flashy way to change radio stations.

Digital Assistants

Ever miss your Alexa when you’re out on the road?

Digital assistants combine the best features of a home device with a GPs device. Providing drivers with updates on the road, reading messages from colleagues and acting as an in-car DJ.

Cassette Bluetooth Adaptor

First thing’s first. If your employees are driving around in banged-up old models that still use a cassette player. You might want to have a re-think about the impression you’re making on them and your clients.

However, if that is the case, the least you can do is give them a 21st century way to enjoy their favorite music and podcasts on the road with these nifty cassette Bluetooth adaptors. Unlike many adaptors, these models require almost no alterations to your vehicle to get started, meaning you start streaming ASAP.

Found an essential Automotive Gadgets that’s improved your driving experience ten-fold? Let us know what you can’t leave for your business meetings without!