Disclosure: As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam I was provide service and a couple gifts. All stories are my own.

Dad, Mom, Teenager, Kid, Grandparent… all of us alike have a problem when it comes to Netflix, and I am not talking about the problem with your grandson having to come over every time you get “accidently” logged out, or when our console decided to “forget” you had the app downloaded. Nope, these problems are not what I am talking about and personally, not as irritating nor devastating as having to force yourself to make a decision when your faithful friend, Netflix gives you this option:

Netflix Park and Rec

Now, most of the time, I am like “I thought you knew me better than this, old friend!” and press on with my show, but then there are those obligations your minds races too. For example: Did I pick up that middle child from voice lessons? Was I supposed to feed the 6-year-old? When was the last time the dogs were let out?… useless thinking, obviously. If you made it through talking yourself out of checking on dinner, or putting away the laundry that is sitting on the foot of the bed, you may press the continue watching button and indulge in that extra episode! Lucky you!

The Netflix Sneak part 1

Now, if you are me, and have 5 children that will be hungry in 30 minutes and expect food, or maybe you’re a teenager and you need to do your ten second tidy before your mom gets home, you might not be as lucky as the latter, but worry not, because I have 3 ways for you to stay in the loop with Daya’s baby on Orange is the New Black and know what will become of Tina and Jimmy Jr.’s awkward relationship on Bob’s Burgers.

The Netflix Sneak Part 2

Believe me when I say you are not alone! I know for a fact that Netflixitis, the desirable urge to spend more and/or too much time watching Netflix, is real and oh so powerful. So here are some unorthodox places I have taken my shows and you can too:

  1. Have to mow the grass? Have a sandwich bag and some string? Oh BOY, you got Netflix on the go! Safely secure your phone in your sandwich bag, poke two holes along the top then push your string through, poke one more hole at the bottom right corner of the bag and push your headphone wire through, unless you have wireless ones, then you just carry on with your fanny self. Lastly tie your bag to lawn mowers handles and get your sweaty stream on!
  2. Only have 22 minutes to take a shower and shave your legs before a dinner you totally forgot about? Grab a NEW sandwich bag (one without holes), slip your streaming device in, and place super duct tape that you can trust along to top and bottom of the bag and place it on the wall that doesn’t get wet in the shower. You are now the proud owner of a “TV” that plays the next New Girl episode!
  3. Now, I do this almost always, if you are doing the dishes, making a cake, or doing anything that requires a lot of moving but still HAVE to finish that episode of Pretty Little Liars, take your phone, run by the pantry and grab a plastic party cup and some scissors, go to the area where your duties will be performed then cut a rectangle big enough for your phone to fit through, enter it from the bottom of the cup and press play! Now you can hear your show further than you normally would and don’t have to be weighed down with headphones.

The Netflix Sneak Part 3

You don’t have to ask how I found all this out, my case of Netflixitis is real and have spent many afternoons looking for ways to do my daily duties without missing out having to pause after the dramatic season finale. I hope one if not all of these tricks help you get your Netflix just about wherever you may go!

So go ahead and share! In the tub? In a public restroom? Where have you done it?