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Summer road trips with family have been a staple of culture in the United States for decades. Long hours in the Kia Sedona minivan singing songs and looking for the license plates of as many states as you can find are memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. If you are looking to have this experience with your family this summer, here are 7 great Summer Road Trip options right here in America.

7 Places for a Summer Road Trip Right Here in America. #SedonaFamily #KiaDad

Summer Road Trip Ideas

1. Follow Route 66 from Chicago to LA. Route 66 is rich in American history and its mention in the Pixar movie “Cars” makes it something your kids can relate to and get on board with.

2. Drive through the State of Utah. If you have a family that loves the outdoors, Utah has 5 national parks and you can hit every single one of them on this nature packed road trip.

3. North and South Dakota has great nature trails and mountain ranges that will give your family an appreciation for the beauty that is natural to our earth. In addition to the natural beauty, you can see some man-made beauty by making a stop at Mount Rushmore on this family road trip. If any of your kids are interested in motorcycles, Sturgis, ND holds the largest motorcycle rally in the country every summer. It is a sight to see and jam packed with fun and excitement.

Mt Rushmore Road Trip Kia Sedona

4. If you are looking to combine education with your family’s road trip fun, following the Oregon Trail can be the perfect option. With historical landmarks and museums along the way it is the right combination of family fun and knowledge for your kids to show off at school after summer break.

5. Another great way to appreciate the beauty of our country is to road trip along the Mississippi River. Driving from north to south will take you all the way from Minnesota to Louisiana and this long of a drive won’t leave you short on places to stop for some fun.

7 Places for a Summer Road Trip Right Here in America. #SedonaFamily #KiaDad

6. See the sights in the Southwest by taking a road trip from Arizona to the Grand Canyon. These red rock sights make for a whole different nature experience than the ones listed above. If you live in a green part of the country this scenery will amaze your young children. The rock formations and natural phenomenons will not just leave your children amazed, but you will be captivated as well.

7. Last but not least, you can road trip by the water on the Olympic Peninsula Loop in the pacific northwest. Washington state doesn’t always make it to the list of places to visit but it is well worth it. It is a perfect place to experience white water rafting and other fun outdoor water activities that make you think outside the box on what it means to go to the beach.

Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon Road Trip

Taking any of these road trips in your Kia Sedona will make your journey one of luxury compared to the road trips of American history’s past. With second row seats that not only recline, but have an elevated foot rest, you wont have to be on your children about trying to get out of their seatbelts in order to get comfortable. The comfort is built in: even with the safety belt fastened!

You won’t have to worry about their electronic devices running of juice with outlets on every row for easy charging. The Kia Sedona is even equipped with two sun roofs so the kids can take in the sights both from the side and above.

7 Places for a Summer Road Trip Right Here in America. #SedonaFamily #KiaDad

Summer road trips are the perfect way to create family togetherness and an experience to last a lifetime. With so many great options of places to go there is no reason for families in America to hesitate. It’s time to jump in the minivan and head out on a summer road trip!