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A Springfree Trampoline featuring Tgoma is a great way to get your kids outdoors and active during the long days of summer. Many kids spend the summer sitting out the couch, and the heat can be a major deterrent from the outdoors. It is still crucial for kids to be active and have fun in the summer while staying safe!

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During the school year, many kids have a physical education class at school, and they play several sports throughout the year. We’re all familiar with the stereotype of caretakers bustling kids from soccer to karate to dance to dinner to bed. During the summer, kids take almost a 180 degree turn. If they are not in camps all summer, they are usually at home trying to find ways to occupy themselves while parents and caretakers are working.

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1. Exercise for a Lifetime of Health

Usually, this means that kids watch TV and play video games the majority of the day. While it is certainly good for children to rest during the summer, they do need some exercise. Encouraging children to develop a regular exercise habit while they’re young makes them more likely to exercise as adults. This exercise does not need to involve running laps around the house or playing a sport in the yard. It can be as simple as jumping on a trampoline or splashing in a swimming pool.

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2. Exercise for a Better Mood and Better Behavior

Being active on a regular basis also helps kids to release that pent up energy that can lead to unpleasant behaviors. Most caretakers know not to give a child soda and candy at the beginning of the day, because the child will be hyper and misbehave for hours. Likewise, when kids don’t get exercise, that same energy can make them restless and cranky. Giving them time to run, jump, and play outside can do wonders for their behavior.

3. Exercise Fun with Tgoma

It is also crucial to exercise simply for the fun of the activity. Often, adults feel pressure to be active for reasons X, Y, and Z. In reality, exercise can be fun! Presenting kids with fun ways to exercise will make them far more likely to get off the couch and go outside. The Springfree Trampoline with the Tgoma app allows kids, and adults, to play games while being active. They can play with their friends. They can play alone. A caretaker can play with a child. While being active may be important, it can and should be enjoyable in its own right.

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During the summer, many caretakers are wary of letting children outside because of the heat. With temperatures that reach up to 110 degrees, how can it be safe for kids to be active outdoors?

1. Include Water

It is certainly important for those who play outside to stay hydrated, but staying wet will also keep body temperatures down. Consider putting on swimsuits and bringing the hose out to the trampoline. You can put a waterproof case on your tablet to prevent it from being damaged. Kids can take turns holding the hose while playing the game, or they can create a contest in which the winner of each round holds the hose for the next round.

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2. Work with the Time of Day

In some parts of the country, the hottest part of the day is in the early evening, so dusk is not necessarily the best time to be outside. Mid-morning, however, may be a more reasonable time for your kids to play outside. Check the weather in your area. Different parts of the country are hottest and coolest at different parts of the day. Work with the weather, not against it. Take advantage of days when there’s a slight cool front or a breeze. These are great opportunities to stay outside all day. You can invite friends, grill, and join the kids in the fun!

As much as it is important to be outside, it is also crucial to be safe. Be sure to take precautions when using Tgoma, but take advantage of the opportunity to have fun and be active outdoors with your kids.