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Most moviegoers know the name Harrison Ford from movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Fugitive, Air Force One and countless other blockbusters. Harrison Ford has been standing in front of cameras for years, and is considered a legend when it comes to acting.

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So when I found out I would have the chance be in a interview with Harrison Ford I got overly excited. I mean this is Han Solo and Indiana Jones for God sake. So how could anyone that knows who Mr Ford is not be the least bit joy filled.

Star Wars News! - D23 Expo 2015 Recap
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney) Harrison Ford; J.J. Abrams

Below I wanted to share a few questions from our question and answer session while at the Star Wars  Global Press Event.

Q : In your opinion, uh, what is most appealing to the Star Wars Fans?

The breadth of the imagination that’s involved in these films — the strength and worthiness of the Mythology that underpins them and the questions that it generates in our minds about our own responsibilities and behaviors — all of that plus the whiz and bang and flash and music and good stuff.

Harrison Ford Interview #StarWarsEvent

Q : I wanted to ask you, what it was like to come back into the Legacy thirty years later?

It was familiar. Same thing only different. I was there in service of a of a script that I that I thought was very good. A sort of road map for the character that I thought was worth coming back to with a Director whose work I admired and who I knew from a previous, film twenty five years ago.

It was an all together attractive prospect. We were trying to do exactly the same thing, if I died my hair and pretended that 30 years had not gone by, I would be much less comfortable. But this acknowledges the reality of the passage of time. It deals with the question of what happened, while I was off stage for 30 years.

And it deals with it in a really smart way. These films have been. You know, if it were not for the fact that these Films have been passed on, by, parents to their children at an appropriate juncture in their lives and that generations have thus been introduced to me, I probably would have a much different career.

So I’m very grateful for the fact that these were family films that been passed on as though there were some nugget of useful information or at least entertainment in them and recognizing their value to the Audience, gives them significance to me.


Q : Do you have a favorite Star Wars moment from then?

A : No. I don’t have much of a memory at all. I could make something up but I’m not generally disposed to do that. I don’t have, you know, I come away from camp saying we all had a great time and we love each other.

I mean, it’s great to be back with Mark Hamhill and Carrie Fisher. I spent a little time with them and Peter Mayou and a lot of the crew. Some of the older members of the crew have worked on the earlier films. But more often than, that, there were Sons and Daughters of the people who worked on the original film now are still in the same craft business and were back to work with us.

And I was back in England. I haven’t made a film in England, since the last Indiana Jones Movie which we tended to do there, as well. And it was fun to be back in England. The food has gotten a lot better.

After visiting with Harrison Ford it was clear to me he is more legendary than I thought.

I am overly excited the new film in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars The Force Awakens this December 18th.