Oh, what a glorious time to spend the day at the beach with the family frolicking in the waves, feeling the soft sand between your toes, and turning a golden hue as the sun’s rays catch your skin throughout the day.

young family at the beach on a sunny day

These moments are to be cherished, because as we know life is short but more so it is busy with schedules and routines that taking the time to slow down is a must. And we love to unwind, cancel out the noise of the hustle of everyday life, and relax with a family-bonding memory-making moment at the seaside.

Heading to the beach is simple if you have everybody rearing to go on time in the morning, a decadent cooler box packed with tasty goodies, and plenty of water and refreshments, and don’t forget to pack a big tube of sunscreen for multiple top ups throughout the day.

Once you get to the beach you would think all it takes is to spread out your towels and beach blanket, lather the kids up to look like snowmen while the sun cream melts in, and take out your book to dive head first into the gripping story that is your novel.

But no, you need to have entertainment ready to hand. When did the sand, sun, and surf not become enough for kids to enjoy a day out?

Thankfully, this is where your luck will turn as we have curated a list of some of the top activities to do at the beach, and all with minimal prep (because one more chore is the last thing we need or want on our off day, right?).

Let’s dive in and see how your life can stay as relaxed and carefree as you want it to be when headed to the ocean.

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Ready, steady, go

When I head to the beach with the kids I am just grateful they are off the electronics, out in the fresh air, and immersing themselves in nature of some form. But with an added bonus of things to do while at the beach, your life will be effortless – at least for the time being.

Whether you try one or two activities or list them and make the kids complete them all (here’s hoping for maximum participation), the main objective is keeping them busy and getting them involved, and here’s how;

Coastal Clues

This takes a small effort on your part but is well worth it. Make a list of things for the kids to spot or collect at the beach and tick off as they go. Once the list is complete they get a reward (ice cream anyone?).

A particularly fun task if there are rock pools to explore too, but don’t forget the flip-flops for men and also for the kids to stay protected from sharp edges and shells while walking.

Blanket Bounce

The easiest game that can have little as two players to as many teams as you like. Have children stand on either end of a towel holding the corners and pulling it taught, and see how many times they can make a beach or tennis ball bounce into the air.

Sand Skee Ball

A firm favorite with our bunch. Draw circles in the sand growing in circumference with point values for each, and have the kids throw rocks or shells into the corresponding rings to accumulate the most points.

Painted Rocks

Wash off paints that are compact enough to bring in the beach bag, paired with a couple of brushes the kids can go searching for pretty shaped rocks to paint on the beach and take home with them, or leave them out for other beachgoers to enjoy and take home.


Just like you would during the winter season with snow, get the kids to build a sandman decked out with sticks for arms and stones or shells for facial accents.

Fly a kite

If you don’t have one you can always make one from string and a plastic carrier bag, but it is a great way for the kids to run up and down splashing in the water as they do it and watching each other being chased by a flying diamond. Super fun.

Beach Read

Bonus points if you manage this without so much as a face scrunch, but once they’re in it they’ll thank you for it. Take time out of the sun in the shade with a favorite book. It helps calm them down, keeps them cool being under the umbrella, and offering a Popsicle while they read won’t hurt either.

And that’s that

Now that you have an arsenal of beach activities on hand, and a great spell of warm weather headed your way, you can be sure your upcoming beach excursion will be the best adventure the family has had yet. Your kids will forget all about the

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