Have asked yourself before, can I have a romantic getaway without your toddler? Traveling without your toddler in tow gets easier as your family grows in size.

Getaway Without Your Toddler

Romantic Getaway without Your Toddler

The separation anxiety for both mom and child can put a damper on your travel plans. The anxiety and guilt generally subside once you and your partner are finally out of the driveway.

Taking some time away from your toddler can make you both better parents. You will have the freedom to enjoy each other without being on a schedule that revolves around your children.

Parents need to rest, relax, recharge, and make new memories together.

So how do you do it?

Make a plan for your vacation

Make a Plan

The only way this will work is if you have a plan in place that takes care of the needs and safety of your child. You want to feel at ease.

Otherwise, you are both going to stress and will likely be tied to your phone checking in. That is not a vacation.

Enlist the Help of Family

Ask a family member who you trust to look after your toddler. That could be grandparents or responsible siblings who also have children. If family isn’t an option, ask close friends who have children and know how to do this. You can always return the favor.

Make a List for the Babysitters

Make a list of anything that is important and type it up. Make 2 copies. Keep another copy with you in your email in case the babysitter needs it again while you are away.

List to Include:

  • Your cell phone numbers and email addresses
  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • Doctors’ names and numbers
  • Medical insurance ID number
  • Medications and dosing
  • Your child’s schedule, including appointments, bedtimes, TV time allowances, etc.
  • What your child can and cannot eat, especially any allergies
  • Your trip itinerary

Leave Supplies

Whether your child is being looked after at your home or at your caregiver’s home, be sure you leave them plenty of groceries, snacks, books, toys, and clean clothing.

You should also give them emergency cash or a pre-paid debit card.

romantic getaway without your toddler

Talk to your Child

A couple of days before you go away, talk to your toddler about your trip and the fun adventure he is going to have with grandma or aunt. It is really important that he understands that you are coming back.

He may not grasp how many days, so make him a simple calendar that he and the babysitter can check off every day. You will likely have to promise that you will bring him something for being a good boy. Don’t forget to follow through with that.

Most of all, tell him how much you love him before you leave.

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As a dad, I know how hard this can be with young children. However, I firmly believe that we parents need time alone together to keep our relationship strong and fresh.

This sets a good example for our children in the long run.

Remember, you can always call or FaceTime with your little one. Enjoy your romantic getaway without your toddler.