DODD Spon Disclosure

Mornings usually run smoothly in our home. My wife and I are really great partners when it comes to raising our children and seeing that they are fed, dressed, and out the door in a timely fashion. Recently, my wife had a pretty bad cold and went straight to bed after work. It was a Friday evening, so I figured that was ok. She could sleep off her cold over the weekend. I could deal with being a temporarily single dad.

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We Can Be Busy with Three Girls at Home

My 3 younger children have various activities scheduled for Saturday mornings. Friday evenings we have a simple dinner, maybe watch some TV or play a game. Then it is off to bed. Before they retired the oldest of the three reminded me that I needed to wash their outfits and uniforms for the next day. I put the wash on, finished the dishes, checked on my wife, and then crawled into bed.


Saturday morning I got up to make the girls some breakfast before we headed out. Yes, they are girls. Imagine their horror when they discovered I had forgotten to put their clothes in the dryer. Now, my son would have shrugged and worn whatever. Not the girls. Okay, I threw the clothes in the dryer, as we still had an hour and went to make coffee and cereal. Ugh! No milk in the fridge. I like milk in my coffee and the kids wanted cereal. I could feel a mutiny brewing.

Local RaceTrac, Quick Pit Stops at Our Local RaceTrac Help When We Are Running Late, Days of a Domestic Dad


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It was quick decision time. I got the girls into the car still in their pajamas, as I couldn’t really leave them home while Mom was sick. I forgot completely that I was also in my pajamas. I even had slippers on, which I only noticed once we got inside our local RaceTrac to grab milk. It was actually a pretty funny scene. The girls and I got laughing so hard. Right there I decided that we were going to enjoy the moment and I allowed them to get whatever they wanted for breakfast.


Two of them went right for the Swirl World frozen yogurt with the 41 toppings bar. The little one wanted a hot dog from the roller grill that caught her attention. She could not have been happier. When I saw that RaceTrac was offering any size coffee for $0.50 with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich during January, I went for that sweet deal. I got myself a Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissant and a giant hazelnut coffee. Just before leaving, I decided to get a creamy, cold, fresh milk shake for my wife’s sore throat.

The girls ate on the drive home. I enjoyed my much-needed coffee. We cleaned up, put the now dry clothes on, and hit the road again. Yes, I had gotten out of my PJs.

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RaceTrac saved us that morning from some potential meltdowns. My girls were not very happy with me at first. But, they cheered up once their bellies were full and we had all enjoyed a good laugh over Dad’s outfit and slippers. RaceTrac had everything we needed to get going that morning. And, it all happened so fast. It was tight, but we were able to make our activities.